28 June 2006

Almost the 4th!

This is my absolute fave time of the year...probably cuz my vacation is always ove rthe 4th ,but I don't have to watch anyone else's kids but my own for a whole week!!! We of course are going camping and parades and fireworks....loads of fun!

Some more exciting news in the scrapping world for me...got an email yesterday from TheScrapbookplayground because they asked to use two of my layouts in their newsletter for my doodling! I am soooo dang excited! Got a preview of the newsletter.....layouts posted here are the ones they used. Soon Soon I will be in a paper mag....I just know it!!

And another thing....someone actually looked at my blog and made some comments...THANKS GIRLIES!!! LOVE YA!!

26 June 2006

Wow...things are just going my way!!!

I can't believe it...I am here to blog that I HAVE OFFICIALLY MADE IT ON A FULL TIME DESIGN TEAM FOR IMAGINE, CREATE, SCRAP! I am sooooo darn excited to get started and see who we can inspire and who I can be inspired by! there is just an awesome bunch of girls on the team and they are just a riot!!! this is going to be the most fun 6 month term I have ever committed to! The layouts that you see are the ones that got me the DT spot! What a way to start out the month of July...My vacation and a DT spot...my first!

20 June 2006

Man...how addicting is this becoming?? I just checked my email this morning to find out that I had actually won a layout contest for one of my creations about me! How exciting is that??? And to boot, it was a freestyle lo!!! I just am in shock! Here is the winning lo! It is just soo gratifying to see that ppl actually like and enjoy my work as much as I do making it. I can't wait to see what the prize will be!

19 June 2006

Is Blogging a learned affair?

I am once again here and trying to figure out this whole blogging thing...I am really getting into reading them and my fave one right now is reading Elsie Flanigan's blog. I would one day love to be blog saavy and read this post and say "HOW COULD I HAVE NOT KNOWN ABOUT BLOGGING???"

I am in the midst of creating this ooh soo kool freestyle scrapping book trying to find out where my creativity will move me. So far I am jsut loving all the little things I am learning and here are just a couple of pages for you all to peruse!