25 August 2009

back to school....

and all three kiddies were really quite honestly, happy to go back! WEll this is Kamy's first year of preschool so it's all new to her!

and once the shock of a new school year is over and we get settled into our routine, life can go back to a little more normalcy as far as I am concerned :)

And coming soon JBS Mercantile September kit creations! I have two layouts done already and ready to create more more more!!!

20 August 2009

So much going on right now...

The countdown has begun....FIVE MORE DAYS until school starts. No more children running around for days at a time wearing only their swim suits, no more trips to the pool, no more sleeping in or staying up late. My youngest starts preschool this year two days a week and I am trying very hard to grasp the concept. And at best I am failing. Seems like just a short time ago I was changing her diapers...now she has gone and grown up and all I did was blink. We will see how I do on the first day that my house is void of little voices, girlie screams, and toys cluttering every step I take.

On a scrappy note, I was flabergasted to see that my distressing techniques were highlighted on the SCRAPBOOK TRENDS BLOG! I didn't even know it was going to be there...thankfully an online friend pointed it out for me. :)

There has been a big development here for me and it's big. As you probably already know, I have a deep seeded love of photography. I have become quite obsessed with my camera and capturing all the candid moments of my children's lives. So I decided to take it just one step further. I am starting my own photography business!! This is soo incredibly exciting for me, yet at the same time soo nerve racking. I am a pretty shy and reserved person, so this new venture will require me to step up my game. A LOT!! And right now I welcome that change :) I have started a facebook page for the business called Life's Moments if you would like to check it out! If any of you reading this are close enough to me in Iowa and would like pricing information, just send me a message!

And if that weren't enough to consume my life....well it isn't....I have always wanted to try sewing the smock dresses for the girls. I love the look of the pillowcase dresses you are seeing everywhere so I thought I would give it a try. I am definitely not a pro at sewing so I needed something EASY to NOT frustrate me! I whipped up these dresses for the girls in literally like 3 hours tops!

Then of course we had to have a photo shoot :) It was already 8pm so it was almost dark here, but the girls had a blast trapsing around in their new dresses.

I think I might have to make a few more! And both of these dresses were recycled! That's the best part...no buying material. Just took two of my old dresses
that I will never wear again, cut off the bottom, and there you have it! It is pretty simple once you get over the fear of screwing it up :)

16 August 2009


I finally have had the chance to dive into some of the new JBS Mercantile product! You are going to want each and every single piece offered, I can almost guarantee it! I have only created two layouts so far but can not wait to use my new bingo cards for back to school! Here are the two layous I have been able to create...

I love the colors I love the patterns, I LOVE IT ALL!!!!

12 August 2009

been adding a TON of new goodies...

to my etsy store the last few days. Clear embellishments, flower embellishments and another VINTAGE ALBUM are all there for the taking :) I am in creating overdrive! Go take a look at all the gooies in my All Things Vintage etsy store to see if anything tickles your fancy :)

Stay tuned for my turn to post on the JBS Insipration blog for a new tip on August 14th!

10 August 2009

More Albums in my Etsy store...

Added two more albums made with vinatge book pages and such :) You can find them in my etsy store called All Things Vintage
Here's a sneaky peek of what's in store.....

A new tutorial on distressing

is posted over at the JBS Inspiration blog if you would like to learn some techniques on how to distress the edges of your paper :) Distressing is one of my very favorite things to do on a layout and there is RARELY a creation that I make without it. Go check out the tutorial, try the technique and link me up so I can see what you created!

05 August 2009

My first OFFICIAL photo shoot...

My sister in law was gracious enough to ask me to a photo shoot with her darling little one year old, Hannah. It was actually her birthday the day I took the pictures. I have to admit that I was extremely nervous at first, but after seeing Hannah just being 'Hannah', she made it soo easy to get some great shots of her :)

And I'm not even finished editing all of the great ones. I am gaining confidence each day in my skills at taking pictures and would someday LOVE to do this full time. We will see where this road takes me in the future:)

I also did a photo shoot with my girls wearing their new tu tu's I made :) they ABSOLUTELY loved spinning around like little ballerinas outside. It made me soo happy to see that something that simple to make expanded their imagination in soo many ways.

01 August 2009

August JBS Mercantile Kit reveal day!!

I LOVE all the new releases! This kit was amazing to work with and I still have more creations to be made :)

Make sure that you check out the JBS Mercantile Gallery for all the DT reveals today!