30 July 2009

How bout a bunch of sneak peeks now?

I LOVE the new August JBS kits! Just sharing some sneak peeks nad the big reveal on the 1st so check back!!

We have been very busy here with my youngest Kamy wanting to ride her new bike EVERY single day. We try and take her on a bike ride and no amount of distance is ever enough. She wants to keep on going! A couple shots of the happy girl...

27 July 2009

Just a quickie post to show...

a sneak peek of the brand NEW Jenni Bowlin :) Back later to post some more!

24 July 2009

Happy Birthday to my baby...

She's not a baby anymore because now she's four. I am officially without toddlers in my house. I really can't believe my youngest is four years old! Our family spent the day pampering her, doing whatever she wanted to do. I think she LOVED it...HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAMRYN MICHELLE!

22 July 2009

Amongst the tragedies....

there is still my kids that make me smile each and every single day.

There was a murder in my hometown this week, actually right across the street from my home. We are a very small rural town and this shook the town to its core, and definitely me, too. Makes me feel soo good to see it not phase my kids as much as I thought it would, cuz they still want to play, they still want to take walks, they still want to go swimming, and they still want to BE KIDS! So I took this opportunity to snap some photos of them. They make me smile when I see how carefree they can be.

I cherish every moment even more now and when they are starting to wear my patience thin, I try to remind myself just how lucky I really am!

And on a scrappy note, I got a WONDERFUL email this morning notifying me that I wont the contest over at the Pagemaps Blog!!! I will receive a $50 gift certificate from EAD Designs. I can't believe I actually won!!
Here's the layout that was entered....

a big thanks goes to Jenni Bowlin Studios for all the goodies that were used to create this page :)

17 July 2009

All the mini's are SOLD....so I added one more :)

All three ofthe minis sold out so I decided to keep on creating! I made the latest mini album entitled "Beautiful", using some Basic Grey sultry patterned paper and you can see it IN MY ETSY STORE! I am honestly addicted to my heart punch so I believe I will be making a layout just like this with all the hearts for the background :) Go check it out if you like, and here's just a sneak peek for you...

I am felling truly inspired tonight, so back to scrapping I go! I am secretly hoping for an early bed time for the kids :)

16 July 2009

JBS Product Spotlight!

I was lucky enough to do the blog post over at the Jenni Bowlin Studios Inspiration blog today. I talked a little bit about patterned paper and gave a tip on how to make a cute lil heart out of JBS cardstock stickers using the #8 and the letter v. GO CHECK IT OUT HERE!! But for now, here are some sneak peeks of the layout...

15 July 2009

Walk together.....

I love the little things in life....like my view of the girls during walks...they gallop and skip and run and jump and dance up ahead of me or lag behind. Whichever way they walk, it is a moment to be cherished. I hope I never take these moments for granted, because before I know it, they will be grown and gone :)

14 July 2009

The flu bug bit....

and it's biting my lil three year old HARD right now....thankfully it is late at night and she is sleeping, but just about two short hours ago, her fever spiked badly to 103.9 as she vomited and shivered....POOR GIRL! Got her in the cool bathtub, and the fever went down to a little under 102. I am burning the midnight oil here trying to stay awake until midnight so that I may give her another dose of meds before I turn in for the evening. Lets all say a lil prayer for her that she wakes up tomorrow feeling much better than she did all day today....she REALLY wants to go to the pool tomorrow :)
So to keep me awake, I have been editing photos....I will share and then I will retire to bed!! I have got to get me some sleep!

I just wish my son was as cooperative at looking at the camera sometimes as the girls are....he is constantly on the go, so all the pics I have of him are in motion :)

12 July 2009

Posted another mini, then a photo....

I got another mini album made from a vintage children's musical book posted in my etsy store...go take a look HERE!! Working on another one as we speak made from all vintage world atlas pages :)

Just one photo to share with you and nothing scrappy....been way too busy taking care of my kids and keeping them entertained in this WEIRD summer weather we are having :)

Have you ever tried to capture a shadow of your subject you are photographing? May sound like a very easy task for some, but for me with three MOVING subjects, it has eluded me until yesterday!! I finally got a good shot with a good shadow! My three year old was giving her 'baby' a ride on her bike and I just had the chance....

Have you ever tried to get a shot like that? Or am I the only crazy one? If you do have one, share it with me, I would LOVE to see it!

07 July 2009

Added a couple

little mini albums to my etsy store! I decided that I have WAY TOO MUCH patterned paper in my stash that I will not let go unused so I am cranking out the minis to share! You can find them here at All Things Vintage!

Just one photo for the day....one photo that when I first looked at it after uploading, I was not impressed with. But the more I looked at it, the more the picture spoke to me. I added some edits and journaling in picnik and now it's my favorite photo of the week!

Ooooh and I got to see some of the new releases for JBS Mercantile.....WOWSA you are all going to be soo impressed and soo thrilled and want to have each and every piece available!! I am not even kidding! :) There should be some sneaky peeks late in the week so stay tuned!!

06 July 2009

What a weekend!!

All in all it was a fantastic weekend filled with some good weather, some not soo pleasant rainy weather, lots of fireworks, TONS of photos, and now some sleepy kids! They are still trying to catch up on their sleep from being up late watching two different fireworks displays :)

In between times, I already had a chance to scrap one of my FAVORITE pictures of the weekend using the PAGEMAPS SKETCH for the contest they are having on their blog. I knew I wanted to get this picture printed out right away and scrap it, and the PAGEMAPS BLOG gave me just the perfect inspiration!

I am on vacation ALL WEEK this week....nothing planned except for quality time with my kids doing whatever whenever wherever :) I adore having NO PLANS!!!

02 July 2009

Editing photos....

Besides taking photos and scrapbooking, this is one of my favorite things to do. And I am totally NOT into the expensive software that you can do layers and masks and blah blah blah....I just dont understand it, I dont have the patience for it, and frankly I dont know if I will ever understand it. I use Picasa 3 to upload and do the minor editing of each and every photo. It is a free downloadable software program and is VERY simple to learn....that's what I like! :) If I really want to play around with a photo to see what I can come up with, I also use a FREE online service called Picnik. It has soo many free features and soo much experimenting to do! They also have a premiere service for just a small fee but for now I am sticking with free :)

Just thought I would share some pictures I edited tonight in Picnik....can NOT WAIT to be taking hundreds more over the next couple days!!