31 May 2009

Tomorrow is the reveal day!!!

Over at JBS Mercantile! Are you ready to see all the great new changes? they even have a new look...

copied directly from the Jenni Bowlin Studios Inspirational blog...

The kit club we all know and love now has a new name "JBS Mercantile" and its very own website set to launch on June 1st!


You can read all about it on Jenni Bowlin's Blog.

And OF COURSE I am posting a couple more teasers for you to look foward to for tomorrow!

I think this is the longest blog post in a LONG TIME for me....have something else exciting to share....my JBS Patriotic Mini Bingo Cards tutorial is up on the wholesale sit for JBS!! Wahooo! So if you would like detailed, step by step instructions WITH photos to help you along the way, go HERE and you can make this garland to decorate your home for Independence Day!

28 May 2009

How bout ONE MORE sneak peek??

I am soo excited about the reveal on June 1st! Lots of big changes coming JBS way!! The June kit is AMAZING!

My kiddies are officially on SUMMER BREAK!! I am actually feeling really relieved at this point to NOT have to drag them out of bed and push them toget dressed, eat a good breakfast, and out the door. As each year passes, they get older and that just means more and more things we can do together! I think that's what I am really excited for. Pools, long walks, playing at the park, story time at the library, we will stay busy if it kills me! The entire school every year does t shirt tye dye and the whole school wears the shirts on the last day....they looked quite dashing in their shirts I must say! The first picture is of my kids and the daycare clan all decked out in tye dye...

Brayden's solo picture was absolutely nutty since he had to be a goofball in it....so I am saving him the embarrasment and not posting it :)

27 May 2009

How bout a full reveal of JUST ONE....

layout for the June kit for Jenni Bowling Studios??

You can also find more reveals on the JBS Inspirational blog!!

Ooooh and I have just finished another layout that I just HAD TO show you a sneak....this one I have been working on for three days!

25 May 2009

How bout some JUNE SNEAK PEEKS???

I just can't tell you enough how FESTIVE and fun the June kit from Jenni Bowlin Studios is for June! The colors are amazing and I can't stop the ideas from flowing which is a good thing! But for now, a couple sneak peeks to get you excited and curious :)

23 May 2009

Time for family get togethers....

Went to my mom's home today for some wonderful down home cookin on the grill, playing outside, and taking lots of pictures! very relaxing and the weather was great. Got some very cute snapshots that I cannot wait to print out....

Stay tuned in the next couple days I will have some sneak peeks of the Jenni Bowlin Studios June kit that you will NOT want to go without :)

Oh and my favorite picture of the day....if only you could here her calling these 'hewipopters'!!

21 May 2009

Want to learn how to make....

a festive banner like this one below to decorate your home for the July 4th holiday??

well you will be able to do just that and more after June 1st when the new Jenni Bowlin site goes live!! The site is planning on posting tutorials every month along witha ton of other fun inspiration! Bookmark the JBS Inspiration blog for more info!

SERIOUSLY only 4 1/2 more days left in the school year? Say it ain't so! I am shocked how fast this year went and soo excited to welcome in summer and all of our busy activities! Are you ready for your summer to start? :)

20 May 2009

A boy and his dog....

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words and I personally think this picture fits the bill :)

I used all new Jenni Bowlin Studios product aside from the vintage book pages. even used some of my scraps from the patriotic bingo cards to make the leaves of the flower. I am soo inspired by the colors in her new line that I am off and running tonight to create some more!

19 May 2009

Beautiful day for some Track and Field....

The weather couldn't have been more perfect! today was the Elementary rescheduled Track and Field Day. Since I have on child in 4th grade and one child in kindergarten, I was there the entire day!! One in the morning one in the afternoon. Needless to probably say I got a little too much sun, and so did all the rest of my kiddies, but honestly it was such a great day all around and soo much fun to see the kids participate. And of course I have photos :)

Kids were exhausted and now they are crashed! Can't wait til next year!

17 May 2009

LOTS of chances to win...

over at the Jenni Bowlin Studios Inspirational blog! You can find the link RIGHT HERE. THERE'S A CHANCE TO WIN RIGHT NOW!!! Make sure to bookmark the site and check back every day for your chance to win!

16 May 2009

New additions to the Etsy store!


Here's a little preview of what's in store ;-)

15 May 2009

Clearing out my etsy store....

I just went thru my etsy store and did a little price dropping! Like half off the albums that are left, so go get them while you can. I need to make room for the new things I will be adding to the store this weekend!

Here's the link:

All Things Vintage

If you see something you would like to have personalized or even a custom order, just let me know. I'm up for just about anything!

Preparing already for July 4th...

well sort of anyway ;-) When I got my Jenni Bowlin Studios Mini Patriotic bingo cards in the mail, I was immediately inspired. I went straight to work with them and here's what I created...

Working on a tutorial for this one...stay tuned for that.

14 May 2009

Those eyes had me...

at hello....

How can one NOT have their heart completely melt when you look into those eyes? I am seriously wanting to scrap this picture RIGHT NOW! But must find the perfect paper with the perfect shade of blue....any suggestions??

13 May 2009

My Jenni Bowlin May creations!

And there is a lot to share! I really couldn't stop creating with the Jenni Bowlin May kits....you can find them HERE if they are not sold out yet! My favorite thing to create this month had to be the birthday cake! I just fell in love with the new bingo cards!

10 May 2009

They obliged me with a photo shoot....

with absolutely no complaints! and I loved every single minute of it...the best Mother's day present I could ask for ;-)