28 January 2007

Photo sharing time!!

It is sooooooo stinkin cold here! All I can think about is posting these pictures for you to get the idea of just how cold it is! LOL! And all you lucky women in Cali basking in all the CHA glory, I am soooooo envious! (specially you lil miss Jeri!!!) Just sittin here bloggin and waiting patiently for some updates on the new goodies that will be coming our way from CHA!! Anyone else as excited as me to work with new goodies?????

23 January 2007

The wait is over....

I finally decided to reveal my SuPeR SeCReT project. I got crazy and altered some Poker chips....lemme tell ya about some small details! I tried and tried to make a clever little fabric bag for them but I failed at making anything worthy of the chips.....soooooooooooooooo........my daughter got a box of valentine's chocolates for her birthday and I decided to use this heart shaped box for my creations! The poker chips fit inside the circles just perfectly and there you have it! I am soo proud of my creation....I wanted it to have an artsy, freestyle feel to it so it might be a little whack for the traditional straight line scrapper...but I loooove it!! Thanks girls for all your comments and praise and waiting for my big reveal!! I love you all!!!

16 January 2007

AnoTHeR SneaK PeeK of my ProJecT!!!

This is just a little sneaky peek...from this you should darn well be able to guess by now.....and if you can't well then.....I justr don't know what to tell ya! I am not revealing the whole thing till I am done and that will be some time from now! I am tryin my darndest to get it done and kids just are not cooperating....they just wanna play.....and I must play! So stayed tuned in the near future for the finished product!!!

08 January 2007

Is this real?

Getting cold out....gonna be real cold! can't actually believe we will be in below zero temps....this winter has been seriously warm and it is soooo spoiling me and now it is going to get cold....Have I mentioned that I hate cold? Hate Hate...and I don't hate lots of things....just cold!

Tell you what....blogs inspire me...they thrill me....they wow me....they make me do things I thought I could never do! I am working on a project right now that I think is quite possible the koolest thing I have ever seen and I can see myself doing tons of this! I am not going to spill the beans just yet cuz it is something that I have never seen any of my scrapper friends attempt as of yet.....ore if they did attempt it, I have not seen it posted! Takes a lot to knock my socks off but I am floored at this! Wil post some previews for your amusement till I complete the entire project! Lemme just say I certainly found my mojo with this one and I am having the time of my life! And I have a blog to thank for that one....will reveal the blog when I reveal the project! STAY TUNED!!!