30 January 2008

Soooo Freakin excited...

and honored and enthusiastic and just
about every word you could think of right now...
took a LOT for me to hold the secret...but I did it!

I have the ultimate honor of being a guest designer for
the One little Word Blog!!!!

Here's my take on it...

27 January 2008

I attempted the paper topiary....

Mine is not quite as purty but it will do! I will post more later!

26 January 2008

One Little Word.....

STILL....from the ONE LITTLE WORD blog challenge...

The challenges using the one word are soooo inspiring to me and I thnak the girls at OLW for pushin me to my limits!
Some inspirational eye candy for you....

Heather Bailey has one of the most eye pleasing blogs ever!! I would love to try these cute lil paper globes...just pure eye candy! Go visit her blog and I do believe you will find a link to a tutorial for these!! Just might have to try this today!

23 January 2008

My Ribbon Wreath tutorial

Here it is!! Your ribbon wreath tutorial!! Very simple, very quick way to use up those scrap ribbons or just some pretty ribbons and make a fun hert shaped wreath!

Various colored ribbons
Hot Glue gun

Cut all of your ribbons that you plan on using in various lengths. This length is really up to you...if you want a loopier wreath, cut the pieces longer. i would mix it up and go with the longest piece about 3-4 inches at most. All depends on how large of a heart you use as well. I had PLENTY of ribbon left over after completing this one. I cut up approximately 4 yards of ribbons here.

You can cut your heart easily out of the chipboard by folding it in half, then cutting out half a heart...this way both of your sides are symmetrical. Then after you have your main heart cut out, cut out another heart inside tht to get the outline of the heart you see here!

Step #1
Paint your chipboard heart with coordinating paint. That way if there are any spaces in between your ribbons, you won't really be able to tell because of the paint!

Step #2
Start looping your ribbon around the chiboard heart as shown and staple into place.

Another option is to use your hot glue gun, as shown below...which I personally foudn to be a lot easier and quicker this way. just line up your ribbons beside the heart the way you want them, run a short bead of hot glue and set ribbons into place like this.....

This is the front side showing....you will need to turn the heart over and glue them to the back side as well completing the loop.

When you are finished with the ribbon attaching, your heart should look something like this....

Step #3
Now start gluing your buttons down around the inside of the heart to cover up the staples or any ends of the ribbon as shown here...

Keep going all the way around the inside....layer up some buttons for added dimension and you are finished!!!

I just have this hanging on a nail on the wall...I like the tilted angle and both of my hearts are now hanging together. You could use some coordinating ribbon to tie at the top to make a hanger of sorts or you could even use this as a cute picture frame!!!

21 January 2008

Getting in the holiday spirit...

Of Valetine's Day!
My fave scrappy holiday of the year...
Love love hearts, red, pink, and all candy!
So here is a lil Eye candy for you...

19 January 2008

I wish I had better news...

about dh's job, but I dont...
we will be out of health insurance as of Feb. 1st
UGH! Trying to find quick health insurance
in 12 days and coming up with the fees to pay for that
in that short of time will be a miracle at best.
I want to strangle the ppl that did this to us.
But that will get me nowhere and anger is not
good for the soul. So I will just "talk big" here
and get it out of my system and move on to bigger
and better things.
No job leads as of yet...dh has been searching the
internet for hours and hours...nothing in state...
lots of opportunities in other states...Is
RELOCATION in our future??? I sure do hope not.

On a lighter note...some scrappiness I did till the wee
hours last night...what a feeling to scrap again!!
I looooove my passion!!
You can hop on over to SCRAPLOVE and pick up all the supplies you see in these two layouts! I was lucky enuff to get to play with the Love, Elsie goodies for the month of January!

16 January 2008

5 years ago today...

I was in labor delivering my first GIRL!
I feel blessed everyday that Averee has come into
our life....she is soo full of joy, spirit,
giggles, and her princess like quality
is absolutely adorable!
Happy 5th Birthday Averee!
We all love you so!!

And now on a sad note...
Jason's place of emplayment..
well they are bankrupt.
Closing their doors.
this is quite possibly the
scariest thing we have ever faced in our
entire lives. He is the money maker
in the family, the supporter, the back bone
and without him and his skills and his
paycheck, financially we are nothing.
Please pray for us that he QUICKLY
finds another job with no down time...
pray that they do not cancel our insurance
before he finds another job. I am
on the positive side of this HUGE
fence...I have to be positive and I will
continue to be positive as long as it takes.
I will tell you it is scary, it hurts, and
I worry each and every hour of each and
every day that he returns to work whether
or not he will have a job when he returns the
next day. It is all soo up in the air...
there is no guarantee right now
how long he will have his job, but he is surely
guaranteed that he is losing his job before May
and guaranteed that they STOLE his vacation
away from him....all 3 weeks...gone!!
We will stay positive!!

I just have to share one photo with you...
Kamy's latest mishap with the dining room
table leg...I think that the table won...

12 January 2008

Been sewing again....

and adding to my etsy store...
cute cute cute fabrics...
would be great gifts for that
special someone for Valentine's day!

Here's a link if you would like to shop!
My Etsy Store!

More to come in the ways of etsy in the
coming days!!

11 January 2008

sharing some inspiration today...

just thought I would do a random post on things
that have been inspiring me lately....
see if they do the same for you...

I loooove this blog...
House Wren Studios
And this one, too, but it's a store...yum yum yum!!
Fat Quarter Shop!
And who woulda knew an antique store right by me would havea website??
Fern Hill
Seriously this store is heaven....pure heaven!!
This blog is breathtaking!
Heather Bailey
Now off to organize and purge and create!!!

06 January 2008


Is this thing on???

Having some fun with the slide shows obviously....I need to go to bed now!!

05 January 2008

The 2007 Challenge

The very talented Gretchen Mac issued a challenge
over at SCRAP IN STYLE to scrap your 2007 in pictures...planning on doing
one layout per child with my fave photos for the year!
what a fantastic idea!!

Soo easy to pick my fave photos of Kamy...
this girl is soo photogenic!
Big news at SIS TV as well...
They are having a design team call.
Put my hat in the ring...just for giggles...
to see if I have got what it takes.
They probably have HUNDREDS of talented ladies
trying out...they will cut it down to 20 of em
sometime after January 13th.

02 January 2008

Just keep on adding....

To my Etsy store again....I am soo in love with sewing right now

I just have to share with you all....


Thanks for lookin!!

A day late...

and a dollar short...
story of my life...LOL!!


Lots of diferent hopes for the year
lots of goals for the year!
Lots of things to be accomplished
Lots of things to overcome
Lots to do
lots to see
Lots to love!
For now here are some sneaky peeks of my
latest fun stuffs...

I need to make clear that RED AND PINK
are definitely my colors for 2008...oh and add a
lil blue to that and I have true love!