29 December 2006

Take a deep breath and relax!

We have officially made it thru the Christmas holidays and we are all still here!! Kids were spoiled rotten of course by Santa and all the family members and are having a great time with sleeping in, playing all day, and no school!!! Just want to share with you some of the joyous pics of the season!

The black and white one is not really holiday related but I soooo had to share with you all the obsession that Averee has when I get the camera out. I barely mentioned the fact that I wanted her to give her sis a kiss and there she sat....right next to her kissing and kissing and kissing......HOW SWEET IS THAT????

One more holiday to go and it is back to life.....back to reality.......and back to normalcy for me! Been a creating machine today and just don't know for sure if I should share any??? How bout a sneak peak at Imagine, Create, Scrap's NEW KITS????? Talk about having everything at your fingertips to just create a ton of goodies! you really must check them out!!!!

22 December 2006

My 2006 Accomplishments!

DT member for Imagine, Create, Scrap, July 2006-present
DT member for 2nd term at Imagine, Create, Scrap!!!
DT coordinator for Scrapncircle.com!!!
GDT member for Susan's Scrapbook Shack, April, 2006
GDT member for Scrapbookstar.com, August 2006

Being published in spring 2007 idea book for Scrapbook Styles Defined
Being published in the 2007 Layout Blueprints 2 idea book by Bluemedia Publications

Those are the majors but there have been many other Minors that I have enjoyed throughout the year! But most of all...most important is the pure joy I have gotten out of creating all the wonderful layouts! And the friendships that I have gained on the message boards is just the bestest!!! I love my cyber friends and love to be inspired by them!!! Looking foward to a very prosperous 2007 in life, love, and scrapping!!

Now on with the personals....there is not much to tell except for CHRISTMAS IS ONLY THREE DAYS AWAY! I love to see the look on our kids' faces when they come down the stairs and see what Santa has left for them....love the feeling they have when we go visit all of our family and they 'know" that they will get to play all day long with no rushing!!! After all Christmas is all about the kids, right??? creating has come to an almost standstill here due to the reckless abandonment of my creativity! I stayed up waaaay late two nights ago to finish off the kids' teachers presents and I sure hope that they went over well!! Love to create for others!

18 December 2006

SoOoOo MuCH to DO!!!

And soo little time....Averee and Brayden have their Christmas program tonight and I could not be more excited for this! Then only three more days of school and break is here....Santa still has some work to do with the stocking stuffers and wrapping and creating and all that fun stuff!! We will see what this week brings us. Kamy is finally feeling better after bi-lateral ear infection and a touch of brochitis.....what a bad spell that was for the whole family! But she is feeling sooo much better now! Off to clean the house and get busy on my piles of laundry!

12 December 2006

ProcraSTinaTioN is a naughty word!

And I am soooo feeling the weight of Christmas coming down on me in a very negative fashion! I have waaay too much shopping to do and not enuff time to do it! How will I ever get done? I am sure that I will but stress will not be relieved till I am done!

Waiting patiently on the Imagine, Create, Scrap DT announcement.......patiently stalking puter every other hour to see if there is a much awaited email!!! Just to let you all know.....Kim.....YOU RAWK!!! Ok enuff of the subliminal butt kissing....of course always busy scrapping and taking care of kiddies....covering for the tooth fairy, and all that jazz!

Having an online crop over at Scrap N Circle this weekend and I cant wait! You all must go check it out!!

06 December 2006

I was tagged!

Never have been tagged before so here goes!
A - Available or single: Neither!
B - Best Friend: hmmm....Joy, Kandyce, my mom,
C-Cake or Pie: Pie....Banana Creme to be exact
D - Drink of choice: Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper
E - Essential Item you use everyday: coffee maker!
F - Favorite color: PINK
G - Gummy Bears or worms: bears
H - Hometown: Marengo
I - Indulgence: Ice cream
J - January or February: January...daughter's birthday!
K - Kids & Names: Brayden, Averee, and Kamryn
L - Life is Incomplete Without? my kiddies!
M - Marriage Date:
N - Number of Siblings: I am a spoiled brat only child!
O - Oranges or Apples: apples
P - Phobias or Fears: small spaces, messy kitchens
Q - Fave Quote: This too shall pass!
R - Reason to Smile: Just three reasons......names mentioned above!
S - Season: Summer!
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: to be determined!
U - Unknown Fact about Me: played college sports
V- Vegetable You Don't Like: cooked carrots
W - Worst Habit: starting something and not finishing it
X - Xrays: hand, foot, chest, head
Y - Your Fave Food: chicked quesidillas
Z - Zodiac Sign: Libra!
Whew! Now on to other stuff since I am here! I got an email yesterday!! I am being published again by BlueMedia for their new Layout Blueprints 2 book! I am sooooo freakin excited!!! Been a creating fool lately, too!! Really have become obsessed with borders and sewing and my colored pens for doodling!! Well I am off to tag some ppl!!

30 November 2006

AEzine Challenge:Try on Style!

Just had to do this challenge from the most talented Ali Edwards' newsletter. I often find myself looking to others for inspirations, be it the way that they use buttons, the font on their title, down to the color of their patterned paper. Well for this one I decided to go for the whole "random" border look by cutting up different size squares of pp and aligning them all around my 8 1/2 x 11 layout. Well as you can notice the total randomness I was not feeling so I decided to align my squares more and then sew a border right through it. Now this worked for me! I just fell in love with the way it turned out and I am sooo ready to try this sense of style again.

Guess I should tell you where I got the idea...my Elsie idea book...not sure if I can scan pages of it and upload so I will just trust that you understand where I was going with it!!

Thanks to Ali for keeping those ever inspiring ezines flowing in my inbox every week! They are truly exciting and inspiring to read!!!

27 November 2006

my MoJo is out of ConTRoL!

And I love it...got three layouts done today...here are two...one I can only share here so I just had to cuz I love it soo!!

It'S OveR!

Back to the normal routine....back to work and back to school...and I don't think I could be any happier...LOL! such a fun weekend to not have to do anything pre planned for fjour days. Black Friday was a blast with Averee! Best Buy was out of control and it's a good thing that I did not need to get anything there! Averee did soo well and stayed up nonstop from 4am till about 12:30 without one complaint! She was such a trooper!

Had late Thanksgiving dinner at my mother's house Sunday and got some good pics to share of the fam and the kiddies!!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you friends that have taken the time to comment on my blog! I love you all!!!

22 November 2006

i Can't Believe...

That i am bloggin in the morning...
my days just get soo busy
and my baby has this aversion to me even looking at the computer
so it isbetter if i do it right now....
been dabbling a lil bit i nthe art journal thing
trying to make an inspiration album for
when my mojo gets up and leaves me
as it often does...
i drew and drew last night for about 1 1/2 hours
just watching televison and
it was soooooo relaxing!
Trying out some new photo software to see which one I want to purchase for Christmas
Picture posted here is the result of me playing around!!


21 November 2006

aLL for NaUgHt??

I am incredibly bummed out!
did not make the next round over at scraplove.com
Love that board tho and will be sticking around for the duration
Girls are soo chatty and nice!
There is a chance for voted players to get back on the team,
but do I dare??
I am soooo ready for four days off and not having to watch anyone's kids but my own for that whole four days! I am in dire need of a large shopping trip soon....TWO MORE DAYS TILL BLACK FRIDAY LADIES!!!

15 November 2006

That's a LOT of projects for one week!

Talk about overwhelming! what did I get myself into??? LOL...no really.....I work sooo much better and more efficiently under pressure! I loooooove it! Finished my lo for Week 6 challenge at Scraplove.com. Loooovin the results. Had to use a phrase that we are known for...and of course I am constantly telling my son to stop something that he is doing...he is a boy...he is crazy!
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and so is Black Friday! Taking Averee this year will certainly be an adventure but it is a tradition that I can't wait to get started with my girls!!

12 November 2006

Another weekend...Another Project!

Been trying my hand at the MiNi AlBuM from JunKitz I got from thescrapbooksite.com...
My total fave place for KiTs!!!!
Having soooo much fun doing this one all about my baby walking!
I really can't believe how fast she is growing....and now how fast she is moving!
Will try to post the final results! I am pretty pleased so far!
Going to bed now will be a chore...all revved up and ready to keep scrapping
away the nite but duty will call with three children way too early in the am!!

06 November 2006

WeEk #5 AnD I'm sTiLL iN iT!

Week #5 challenge and I completed it already....
Scraplove.com So You Think You Can Scrap contest is rawkin my world....
Like I have said before.....hate unfinished scrappy business...
Had to do this cd cover inspired challenge immediately....
Loooove the "ad inspirations" and what it produces.....
See if you feel the same.....

05 November 2006

almOsT the WoRsT WeEkEnD EvEr!

Started getting sick on friday....
Right when my two friends were coming over to scrap.....
Lost motivation and was very ill.....
got nothing done...
spent all of Saturday in bed....
went to bed EaRlY...
And I feel like a million bucks but know that I should take it easy!
I hate being sick.
Mothers do have the right to get sick!
bTW....posting my week #4 challenge from contest at
Lovin that site....loooovin the contest!
Prayin that I make it all the way!
Would be totally honored to be a part of their team!!

28 October 2006

Talk about your scrappers block...

My creativity is running free...
My mind is constantly turning...
I want to scrap....
But for some reason....
life has gotten in the way lately.....
feel like I am on a downhill slide....
need some free time without kids.....

24 October 2006

How could I foget to blog about this???

My online bestest friend Tracey reminded me that I have not yet tooted my own horn here!!! I got a lo picked up by BlueMedia for their new idea book!!! FIRST TIME BEING PUBLISHED and I am sooooo thrilled! Just thinking of that is getting me out of my funk I seem to be in lately! Book comes out in Spring 2007 and I can hardly wait!!!

this layout I did for a freestyle challenge at ScrapnCircle.com where I am DT coordinator....loving the look of the pics even tho none of the fam will ever look at me and smile at the same time....this shows truly what my fam is like!!

And most importantly today is Jason's 32nd birthday!!!! He is such a great dad and the kids worship the ground he walks upon!!

23 October 2006

Gotta take a breather....

WoW.....could it get any crazier around here?
I doubt it....
I am in an awesome "survivor" type contest over at ScrapLove...
Called So You Think You Can Scrap?
peeps get voted off every week by their peers...
I made it so far to round #3 and am soooo stoked to do this week's challenge
Have to use the word KnoCk in your title!
Interesting and yet ooh soo challenging!
Halloween coming up very soon....
And that means Christmas is just around the corner!!!
No other scrappy news to mention!

09 October 2006

Creepy Camping was a blast!

What a fun fun weekend....
little sleep....
lots of candy....
lots of spooks....
Baby princesses
Jason Voorhies....
and my birthday to boot!!
the kids had a riot
no scary haunted hayrack ride this year!
Just sitting by the fire
on those chilly nights
and spending time
with family and friends!

05 October 2006

It's almost here!

our annual Halloween camping trip!
Sooo much fun for the kids!
Trick or treating for two hours with 125 campers...
all fully decorated.....
Averee is going to be scared out of her mind!
Girls are Cinderella
Son is Jason Voorhies...
should be a howlin good time!
Been really busy creating my new passion....
An 8x8 scrapbook
first time trying this and I LOOOOVE IT!

30 September 2006

Twice in one week!

So excited to be back trying to keep blog updated!
My life is just crazy...hence the name of the blog.
Kids just dont ever slow down.
Even if I want to, they dont!
I am scrapping today.
I am creating today.
I need my fix!

29 September 2006

I have a lot of catching up to do.....

Much to do
So Little time
Laundry's piling up
Soccer clothes are dirty
Need to do some grocery shopping
Scrapping is taking precedence
Does this ever happen to you??

Tried to submit this layout

Nothing heard back

I am almost ready to not submit

Guess if you submit just one and dont receive an offer, you should not give up.

I dont submit....I just dont.

I wish I could.

I hate to wait.

I would love to see my work published!


12 September 2006

Scrap AC challenge #2

Challenge this time was a tad easier...use three pp....no more no less.....I used some Basic Grey oh baby girl and some chatterbox which should give me some bonus points!!

09 September 2006

First Scrap AC challenge

Lucky I even got this one done...baby has the croup and has been up and down for last three hours....ugh!!! First challenge called for using two different languages...sure hope the next one is a lil easier!!

01 September 2006

Lots to do...

And soo little time...
Want to do some new inspirations....
Will the baby let me????
Two new projects to get done...
However will I find the time????

Newest creation...Finally found the white colored pencil of my dreams....we will see just how much I can play with it!!

31 August 2006

I lifted Elsie!!

Have her new book and I am finding myself just going crazy trying all this new stuff...just did one of the sketches in the book and kept it kinda simple cuz I am using it to be in the ezine for my DT...but I soooo love the results...hope you all do to. Such a creative time for me right now...I am just having such a hard time moving away from the scrapping table!!!

30 August 2006

Let's play catch up!!

I need to update more....
I need to pay closer attention....
I need to make sure I check my blog....
I need to add layouts to my blog....
I need to clean my house today....
I need to do laundry today.....
I need to pay some bills today....
I need to take the kids to the park today.....
I need to TAKE A BREAK TODAY!!!!!
Nah really...I have a to do list a mile long and just don't know where to start.....I am sooo bad at procrastinating and it is really getting in the way of my scrapping!! what is a girl to do?? Been reading tons and tons of blogs lately and just soo inspired by the ppl that are out there that go out of the box with the things they do and are not afraid to try anything just once...puts such a spin on the whole world of scrapping clean lines, now doesn't it????

Oh yeah...just wanted to mention that Basic Grey picked up THREE OF MY LAYOUTS!!! I am soo freakin excited...have submitted to them quite a few times to no avail....just had to toot my own horn for a bit!!

12 August 2006

This has been one crazy week!

Ok...so I am really bad at posting on my blog but with fil having heart troubles, the baby being sick, school starting soon...just need to find more time in the day if that is really possible.

I took the dive and entered the effers contest of dares and made it to the second round with the entry seen here. I am soooo excited...trying to work on my next dare of using 13 pictures and it is giving me fit after fit. I am going to start over of course.....AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHH!

My guest designer term for August has started now over at The scrapbook Star...such a rockin site and I love all the girlies there....go check it out!!

06 August 2006

Can anyone help me with a link?

I am wondering where I can link my layout to this blog when I am done...there is no comments on the blog that I read....can anyone help out? LOL...I feel silly but the comments icon went away!

04 August 2006

It just gets busier every day!

I am able now to officially announce that I am the Guest Designer for The Scrapbook Star for the month of August. They sent me an ultra kool kit and I made a gret layout of my baby girl in her tiara! Love that website!! It rocks!! Everything is starting to get really busy right now in the scrapping world. I have a lot to get caught up on and I am going for the effers dares in August.....but there are like 450 women in it and I probably don't stand a chance, but I have to have to try!!! Loving the idea of dares and of course love the idea of competition!!!

Can't wait to go shopping this weekend to get some school clothes for my three year old girl....LOVE THE DRESSES!!! She will of course go and help!

26 July 2006

I made it through the weekend!

Well my baby is now one year old and we actually made it thru the weekend with no major meltdowns for me! Phew....now if I can just hold it together when odd goes to preschool.....busy busy around here....have Lance Armstrong coming to town tomorrow to our town for ragbrai....and another 30,000 people.....this town is tooo small for that! We are only a mere 2500 in population!!! It will be complete chaos, but hopefully I can get some good pictures of him! Have not had time to be real creative with the birthday and all...but will be busy soon!

Oh yea.....signed up on http://http://fortheloveofeffers.blogspot.com/ . They are having a contest in August on Fridays and boy am I excited...they will be getting rid of ppl every week and whittling it down to the final girl....ugh....lots of pressure but I just have to participate!!! It's freestyle for goodness sake!!

20 July 2006

She's almost one...why am I soo sad???

I just can't believe that my baby is almost one...seems like just last week I was complaining that my feet hurt and they were soo swollen...where does the time go??? This is my last baby so all we have left is to go foward and they will all get older......as well as me!!! Nothing really exciting otherwise except for working on a lot of altered things lately...searching around the house to find something to paint, sand, modge podge....whatever strikes the mood...my latest creation for a website that I had to use yellow and orange as the dominant colors.....enjoy your weekend!!!

14 July 2006

Is this heat gonna kill us??

I am pretty sad....its going to be sooooo darn hot this weekend and we aren't able to go camping...thats alright cuz next weekend we are having a party for my baby cuz she will be ONE YEAR OLD!!!!
I am feeling really old...she is growing waaay too fast....where did the time go??? I ahve not a clue!
She is such an animated little one! Gotta love that hairdo!!

12 July 2006

My vacation is over and I am back to reality for the third day....what a shocker! Hubby is gone for three days for work and girls and I are here enjoying the peace of no boys....son went to Maga and Pappa's last nite....

Think that I have hit something with these flowers that I am altering...going to try to mass produce them and see what I can come up...I will post some up later after I find out what everyone thinks.....I am pretty excited but I just don't know if they will catch on, KWIM????

Can you believe in about two weeks, my baby will be ONE YEAR OLD?????

07 July 2006

It's been awhile...

Well it's been awhile since I have blogged....and man has it been busy around here. Got my three layouts done for my new design team and of all the message boards that I am on, I have made layout of the day every day this week!!! Wahooooo! I am really starting to come into my freestyle and loving every single waking creating minute of it! 4th of July has now come and gone and my vacation is over in three days...UGH!!!! Back to reality! Attaching some of my newest creations for you to peruse!

28 June 2006

Almost the 4th!

This is my absolute fave time of the year...probably cuz my vacation is always ove rthe 4th ,but I don't have to watch anyone else's kids but my own for a whole week!!! We of course are going camping and parades and fireworks....loads of fun!

Some more exciting news in the scrapping world for me...got an email yesterday from TheScrapbookplayground because they asked to use two of my layouts in their newsletter for my doodling! I am soooo dang excited! Got a preview of the newsletter.....layouts posted here are the ones they used. Soon Soon I will be in a paper mag....I just know it!!

And another thing....someone actually looked at my blog and made some comments...THANKS GIRLIES!!! LOVE YA!!

26 June 2006

Wow...things are just going my way!!!

I can't believe it...I am here to blog that I HAVE OFFICIALLY MADE IT ON A FULL TIME DESIGN TEAM FOR IMAGINE, CREATE, SCRAP! I am sooooo darn excited to get started and see who we can inspire and who I can be inspired by! there is just an awesome bunch of girls on the team and they are just a riot!!! this is going to be the most fun 6 month term I have ever committed to! The layouts that you see are the ones that got me the DT spot! What a way to start out the month of July...My vacation and a DT spot...my first!