29 June 2009

One more round of sneak peeks...

before the big gallery reveal on the 1st!!!

26 June 2009

I am in <3 with this kit...

the kit comiing out in July really gives me the feel of summer and fun and fairs and all that it entails....I am lucky enough to share this layout with you before the big reveal!

Besides my current obsession with heart punches, I love the look of the banners on layouts as well as just created them for display! They are soo easy to make, too and gives your layouts a whimsy touch :)

Just came back to add that i have been adding some new vintage goodies to my etsy store if you would like to take a peek see....more to come in the following week :)
All things Vintage

24 June 2009

Ooooh la la la....

I have MORE sneak peeks of the JBS July Kit!! This layout is fast becoming my favorite EVER!!!

And stay tuned for some new additions to my Etsy store!!

22 June 2009

It's that time again....

I have been working with the new JBS Mercantile kit for July and have a couple layouts done so far! How bout a couple sneaky peeks?? :)

And I am continuing to cut paper and be inspired! The papercrafting kit is FULL of such beautiful papers and of course the embellishments that JBS has provided are soo inspiring as well. I can't wait for the big reveal!

And of course I have been busy with the kids and the pool and the games and the non stop rain that we seem to be getting hit with. Pictures tell the story best, right? These first two pictures were edited in Picnik, one of my favorite online editing places.

For the girls picture I just used the "orton-ish" feature and toned it down a bit, then added some text. For the picture of Kamy sitting on the curb waiting for the ice cream truck, I did the focal black and white setting as well as the orton-ish feature. I just love picnik! It's free and has soo many fun things to try!

As for the rain, we could certainly do WITHOUT right now. Last night the sirens in town went off twice and sent us scampering to the basement for a bit...not a pleasant experience withthree kids, but they are real troopers when it comes to bad weather! They stay relatively calm and treat it like an adventure. After all the rain last night the streets in town were full to the brim....

I am officially ready to say I am sick of the rain!!!!

17 June 2009

Losing track of the days....

honestly the time during this summer break is sliding right by me faster than I can even fathom. We have been doing a LOTS of this type of thing...

Games every night between the two kids and the pool....oooh how the kids love the pool! Fine with me now that the weather is warming up...we actually got to go to a game WITHOUT it raining on us AND without wearing a sweatshirt and long pants! so if I seem MIA, that's my story!

Stay tuned within the next week I will be posting some sneaky peeks of JBS MERCANTILE'S July kit that you will NOT want to miss :)

11 June 2009

A couple of creations to share....

I have been running the rat race here with the kids, going hiking, ball games, the pool, you name it, but still managed to crank out a couple layouts with some Jenni Bowlin goodies in my stash :)

And I would love to give a big SHOUT to DORIS SANDER who inspired the 3-d hearts on my page. She is soo incredibly talented and I knew the moment I saw the hearts on her page, that I had to try it. So THANK YOU DORIS!!!

10 June 2009

On the go, go GO

story of my life right now...not barely a moment to spare, ball games every night but Thursday (but on Thursday I work my part time job), the pool, and long long long walks through Gateway Park with five kids and a squirrely beagle :) Wouldn't trade it for the world! Some days I could do WITHOUT the rain and would LOVE to see temps above 80 degrees for a change. What I wouldn't do to watch a baseball game in shorts and a tee instead of wrapped in a blanket with long pants and a sweatshirt, tennies and no flip flops :( Warmer weather seems to be eluding us so far!

So there has been NOT HARDLY A CHANCE for me to create in the last week with all the activities for the kids. I miss that, I truly do. But I keep snapping lots of photos so that when I do finally get some time to create, I have lots of inspiration like this picture I can't wait to get printed out...

07 June 2009


And if anyone out there knows what is wrong with my computer and WHY I am not able to upload any photos to any internet site or even to email, could you please let me know? That's the reason I haven't blogged. I have soo many new photos and some new creations to share but cant! Here's what happens. I got to any site like facebook, flikr, my email, whatever, pick the photo I want to upload, click ok, and then it just sits there and only uploads half way. After sitting there and waiting for it to upload, the screen turns grey and goes to a page that says an error message like I can't connect to the internet????? I have googled the problem and searched high and low for answers and NOTHING! One of the solutions says to disable my add ons, so I did. That worked for one day....now it's back to not working! This computer is not even a year old and I am about in tears! soooo the story of my life right now is research into why I can't upload! If you know of anything I should try....LET ME KNOW!!! Until later......hopefully I will figure it out today and be back to sharing....WISH ME LUCK!


It's working and I feel sooo much better!!! I spent soo much time last night trying to figure it out and all I did this morning was reset my modem and NOW IT'S WORKING!! So of course I am sharing just one photo for now...

I have LOTS more to share but will wait til later today to post them and you can see just how 'busy' I have been with the kiddies and their new found love of the swimming pool :)

01 June 2009

JBS June Kit Creations!

And make sure you check out the NEW JENNI BOWLIN STUDIOS MERCANTILE site!! Galleries are for June are not up yet but will be soon! Lots of exciting new things to be seen there! I love the new look of the site incorporating the whole 'general store' feeling. It's going to be a BIG hit with all!