23 September 2009

Homecoming Week!

I just love how the themes are going this year for Iowa Valley's Homecoming! first was Nerd day, then color day, fairy tale day today and rock star day tomorrow. Of course Friday is school color day!

Here are a couple pics to see what my little nerds have been looking like :)

Can't wait for tomorrow's rock star day....getting out the hair color again ;) In just a few more days, the new JBS Mercantile October kit will be debuting and you will not want to miss that! Sneak peeks to come!!!

15 September 2009

I feel soo incredibly HONORED...

to be mentioned on Scrapscene!!! I created a Halloween haunted house with the new JBS Mercantile Halloween Bingo cards and they featured it in a post!!

You can find it RIGHT HERE!!.

And with a step by step tutorial, you can make one yourself RIGHT HERE!! Just follow the link to the JBS Wholesale site!

EVERYTHING on clearance...

Just went thru my entire etsy store and maked down everything there!! Some as much as 50% or more! Must make some room for new creations!


starting to get in the mood for creating holiday items with vintage finds, so the store must be clearanced out!

If you think of something that you would love me to create for you, send me a message and we will see what we can work out!

09 September 2009

what have I been doing?

Not blogging that's for sure...I think this is a record span in between posts! Soo much going on here in the way of school, football practices, photo sessions, editing photos, keeping up with the daily chores, being a taxi, and lastly scrapbooking. Myabe it's better off if I just show pictures insteading of boring you with a lot of typing :)

First off the september JBS Mercantile kit is a MUST HAVE...

And I will keep you informed when my new tutorial will be coming up...just a sneaky peek for now :)

As for my life beyond making sure the kids make it to school on time and dressed and groomed, we here have been eating breathing living sleeping FOOTBALL!! My son's first year in full on tackle football and Jason is coaching. Never thought I would get over the fear of watching him get pummeled by other kids, but I am over it and I LOVE to watch them play. They have their first game on Sunday and I know there will be PLENTY of photos taken by me :) I have been snapping photos during practice and at one of their scrimmages already...

And speaking of photography, my little photo business is starting to take off :) I have been blessed to be able to do three different photo shoots already and have two weddings scheduled. I am soo excited for my new endeavor!

I have tons of photos on my facebook page if you would like to take a look and become a fan of my lil biz :) You can find me HERE