28 January 2009

If at first you don't succeed

try, try, try again. I wish I had the attitude of toddlers when they are bound and determined to get what they want. My lil one will find ways around her obstacles and not really depend on anyone to help her out, not anyone to hold her hand along the way. She imporvises and gets the job done herself, rarely becoming frustrated at failing, she just keeps trying. This is quite sobering for me and I should take notes and learn from her. I think we all could learn from her ;-)

25 January 2009

Never knew altering a book end

could be soo inspiring!! I took the challenge over at the Project 52 blog for BadGirls Kits site and was incredibly pleased with how inspired I was!! I turned a wooden flower shaped bookend on its side and began altering away! Here is what I came up with!!

And just thought I would also share some Jenni Bowlin layouts I have done this last week as well.

Wish I had something else interesting to post here, but it has been a cold cold January for us Iowans and I am ready for it to bed done and over with! ;-)

19 January 2009

I'm feelin the love

Valentine's Day is sneaking up on us QUICKLY so I decided to create some one of a kind wreaths for that reason and put them in my etsy store! ;-) You can find them RIGHT HERE!! here's a lil sneaky peek of what you will see...

16 January 2009


Averee is six years old today! I have no doubt that she will have a wonderful birthday party tomorrow and get spoiled rotten! I love this girl more than words can say!

14 January 2009

January Jenni Bowlin creations

I just wanted to share what I got to create with for Jenni Bowlin's January kits!!

Nothing much else to share with you because we have been holed up in this house for days with snowstorms and blizzards and bone chilling temps! Let's just say I have been frequently dreaming of a nice warm sandy beach somewhere! ;-)

11 January 2009

Just pictures....

snow here and more snow on the way and very very arctic like temps! Going to share some snow pictures and in two days I will be showing you all my creations from the January Jenni Bowlin Kit!! So for now, you will have to see snow snow snow just like me! ;-)

06 January 2009

Some more sneaky peeks! ;-)

I have been obsessing over the January Kit from Jenni Bowlin for the past week creating and glittering and just loving every inch of product included. I have a couple more sneak peeks of what I have been working on....

And I am still NOT even close to being finished! I love it!! Such a great feeling to be soo inspired by these kits.

Report cards came out today for the children and they are both doing rather well. I am one proud mom right now. Guess we will be going shopping this weekend for a special treat for each of them for being good students.

Other than that, it's cold here as always and I don't get enough reasons to take pictures in the dead of an Iowa winter....so if you have ANY ideas for good photo shoots indoors, leave some comments and give me your ideas. Gettin desperate here to be outside and it's only JANUARY!!!!

02 January 2009

I'm a LUCKY girl!!

Go check out the Pink Paislee blog and see what I won!!!

right here!!

I am soo estatic! They had a blog challenge yesterday to create a party hat, using at least one Pinnk Paislee product and some pink! ;-) Here's my crown that I made for Averee's 6th birthday which is comin up FAST!!

And hopefully later this weekend I will have some more sneak peeks from the Jenni Bowlin kits for January! I am in love with the soft and subtle colors of this month's kit...

If you go to the Jenni Bowlin site NOW they are still some kits available! But hurry, they always sell out, so don't wait if you love it!