29 December 2006

Take a deep breath and relax!

We have officially made it thru the Christmas holidays and we are all still here!! Kids were spoiled rotten of course by Santa and all the family members and are having a great time with sleeping in, playing all day, and no school!!! Just want to share with you some of the joyous pics of the season!

The black and white one is not really holiday related but I soooo had to share with you all the obsession that Averee has when I get the camera out. I barely mentioned the fact that I wanted her to give her sis a kiss and there she sat....right next to her kissing and kissing and kissing......HOW SWEET IS THAT????

One more holiday to go and it is back to life.....back to reality.......and back to normalcy for me! Been a creating machine today and just don't know for sure if I should share any??? How bout a sneak peak at Imagine, Create, Scrap's NEW KITS????? Talk about having everything at your fingertips to just create a ton of goodies! you really must check them out!!!!

22 December 2006

My 2006 Accomplishments!

DT member for Imagine, Create, Scrap, July 2006-present
DT member for 2nd term at Imagine, Create, Scrap!!!
DT coordinator for Scrapncircle.com!!!
GDT member for Susan's Scrapbook Shack, April, 2006
GDT member for Scrapbookstar.com, August 2006

Being published in spring 2007 idea book for Scrapbook Styles Defined
Being published in the 2007 Layout Blueprints 2 idea book by Bluemedia Publications

Those are the majors but there have been many other Minors that I have enjoyed throughout the year! But most of all...most important is the pure joy I have gotten out of creating all the wonderful layouts! And the friendships that I have gained on the message boards is just the bestest!!! I love my cyber friends and love to be inspired by them!!! Looking foward to a very prosperous 2007 in life, love, and scrapping!!

Now on with the personals....there is not much to tell except for CHRISTMAS IS ONLY THREE DAYS AWAY! I love to see the look on our kids' faces when they come down the stairs and see what Santa has left for them....love the feeling they have when we go visit all of our family and they 'know" that they will get to play all day long with no rushing!!! After all Christmas is all about the kids, right??? creating has come to an almost standstill here due to the reckless abandonment of my creativity! I stayed up waaaay late two nights ago to finish off the kids' teachers presents and I sure hope that they went over well!! Love to create for others!

18 December 2006

SoOoOo MuCH to DO!!!

And soo little time....Averee and Brayden have their Christmas program tonight and I could not be more excited for this! Then only three more days of school and break is here....Santa still has some work to do with the stocking stuffers and wrapping and creating and all that fun stuff!! We will see what this week brings us. Kamy is finally feeling better after bi-lateral ear infection and a touch of brochitis.....what a bad spell that was for the whole family! But she is feeling sooo much better now! Off to clean the house and get busy on my piles of laundry!

12 December 2006

ProcraSTinaTioN is a naughty word!

And I am soooo feeling the weight of Christmas coming down on me in a very negative fashion! I have waaay too much shopping to do and not enuff time to do it! How will I ever get done? I am sure that I will but stress will not be relieved till I am done!

Waiting patiently on the Imagine, Create, Scrap DT announcement.......patiently stalking puter every other hour to see if there is a much awaited email!!! Just to let you all know.....Kim.....YOU RAWK!!! Ok enuff of the subliminal butt kissing....of course always busy scrapping and taking care of kiddies....covering for the tooth fairy, and all that jazz!

Having an online crop over at Scrap N Circle this weekend and I cant wait! You all must go check it out!!

06 December 2006

I was tagged!

Never have been tagged before so here goes!
A - Available or single: Neither!
B - Best Friend: hmmm....Joy, Kandyce, my mom,
C-Cake or Pie: Pie....Banana Creme to be exact
D - Drink of choice: Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper
E - Essential Item you use everyday: coffee maker!
F - Favorite color: PINK
G - Gummy Bears or worms: bears
H - Hometown: Marengo
I - Indulgence: Ice cream
J - January or February: January...daughter's birthday!
K - Kids & Names: Brayden, Averee, and Kamryn
L - Life is Incomplete Without? my kiddies!
M - Marriage Date:
N - Number of Siblings: I am a spoiled brat only child!
O - Oranges or Apples: apples
P - Phobias or Fears: small spaces, messy kitchens
Q - Fave Quote: This too shall pass!
R - Reason to Smile: Just three reasons......names mentioned above!
S - Season: Summer!
T - Tag 3 or 4 people: to be determined!
U - Unknown Fact about Me: played college sports
V- Vegetable You Don't Like: cooked carrots
W - Worst Habit: starting something and not finishing it
X - Xrays: hand, foot, chest, head
Y - Your Fave Food: chicked quesidillas
Z - Zodiac Sign: Libra!
Whew! Now on to other stuff since I am here! I got an email yesterday!! I am being published again by BlueMedia for their new Layout Blueprints 2 book! I am sooooo freakin excited!!! Been a creating fool lately, too!! Really have become obsessed with borders and sewing and my colored pens for doodling!! Well I am off to tag some ppl!!