28 December 2007

I have been back in the groove!!

And sewing sewing sewing up a storm!!
now that I am not making Christmas gifts,
I now have time to experiment with some new
ideas with fabric!! Started adding slowly to my
Would absolutely love it
if you stopped in and looked around! And
maybe even buy something to support my
insane addiction to that sewing machine!!
I plan on adding more and more each week
because there is just no way I can use all these totes
that I am creating!!

25 December 2007


After all, Christmas is all about the children.
Always will be in our family! Got some fantastic
smiles this morning when seeing what Santa had left
for them. We are now buried in wrapping paper, twist
ties, and cardboard boxes, but JOYFUL nonetheless!

I hope that you and your family have the best
holiday season ever!


21 December 2007


Till Christmas!!!
I think at this point I am more impatient for it to
get here than the kiddies are!
I loooove the look on their faces after getting
to open all their gifts on Christmas morn.
Of course my scrappiness is slow and few
and far between but I do have a layout
to share with you. The One Little Word Blog
challenge word of the week was HOPE....

Hopefully over the winter break I can get some creating done
while the kids are contently playing with
their new toys!!

18 December 2007

Me and My sewing machine...

Does the mention of sharp objects and fingers bother anyone's stomach???

If not have I got a gooood one for you!!!

All was quiet in my home todayaround 1pm...I decided to sit and sew for a bit on a patchwork curtain that I am making for the toyroom...since it is patchwork, lots of different seams to sew over....well my left index finger was holding those seams down so that I could sew over them and that is when it happened.

If you are squeamish.......u might not like to read the next part!!

My finger somehow got under the needle and then needle came down and WENT COMPLETELY THRU my index finger and came out the other side....we are not talking a nick of the skin or a flesh wound here...I am talkingright smack in the middle of my nail bed on my left index finger is where it entered and it went all the way thru!!! OMG OMG OMG...what do I do now??? I just sat there for a sec in pure amazement at what I had just gotten myself into. Here I am sitting at my sewing machine with my finger completely IMPALED by a needle. I did not feel any real pain at first...just a weird sensation....then I came to! I realized that I HAD TO get my finger off this needle. well my hand was shaking soo bad that I had to prop my foot up on my hand to hold it still, and use the wheel on the sewing machine to make the needle go in reverse and raise...and PULL MY FINGER OFF the needle. I will be just fine for the rest of my life if I never ever have to hear that sound again. I will not describe it to you cuz it was one of the most disgusting things ever!!

PHEW!!! My finger is off the needle now...I look down and right in the middle of my nailbed where the hole from the needle is, there are two threads coming out of my finger!!! Yes that's right girls.....I EVEN SEWED THRU MY FINGER AND THE THREAD WAS STICKING OUT! I can laugh now and I am sure you are all being grossed out...sorry but I had to tell you all this story!!! So I try for a few minutes and finally get the thread out of my fingers and my adrenaline is GOING CRAZY at this point. I finally calm down and realize....DAGNABBIT!!! I NEED A TETANUS!!!So I call the hosital quick and let them know how completely stupid I was today with my sewing machine and the girl on the other line was at first mortified then chuckled right along with me! I am going to go into the doc's office on Monday and get at shot!

Kids...don't stick your finger underneath a sewing machine needle...IT WILL GET YOU!!

It does not hurt too awful bad right now...just throbbing a lil...took some ibuprofen and it is all good. we will wait and see what it looks like in the morning and see if I need to take some pics and plan a scrappy page!!

14 December 2007

I am gonna spill the beans...

even tho I am still nervous as all get out.
I attended my first ever scrapbooking class
last night at my lss to see what the 'classes'
are all about. I loved it and had such a great
time with women I have never even met. I have
been talking for awhile with the owner of the store
and she has been asking if I will TEACH A CLASS!!
For those of you that do not know this is a big,
big, big fear of mine...speaking in front of others!
Well, it's official now!!! My work will be displayed
in the next newsletter and I am set to teach in
JANUARY!!! I am totally freaking out here! I know
that I can do this, tho!! I will be teaching a class
on doing four layouts in one night with felt and paint!
Two of my trademarks...easy right?? The owner took a
few of my layouts and when I went to leave last night,
they were already prominently displayed right by the
door! I am soooo excited! So here I am...conquering
my fear of all fears!! I can do this!!

11 December 2007

We weathered the storm...

So far that is...
no power outages...
just lots of pretty pretty ice to look at...
No school today...
delayed already tomorrow...
so no early out...
and now does Averee have school?
Or doesn't she??
Oh the joys of living in Iowa!!

December Ice Storm
December Ice Storm
December Ice Storm
December Ice Storm
Don't it look purty??

10 December 2007

Post full of pics...

Lots of different types of creating for me these days
coming closer to Christmas...
Not a lot of time to type a meaningful post so
I will just post some yummy pics!

06 December 2007

something very exciting for me...

is in the works!!
Has to do with conquering my fears...
facing them head on...
Doing what I thought I never could do before.
That is all I will say for now...
cuz I am nervous as all get out...:-)

And I just must share with you this song...
Keeps playing over and over and over in my head...
Think this is some sort of message for me..
Whatever message it is...
I am listening LOUD AND CLEAR!

01 December 2007

As promised....

My full view of my wreath!! Posted a class on how to make this wreath over at
THE SCRAPBOOK SITE! All the goodies came from my DT kit there! GO CHECK OUT THEIR KITS HERE!

On a gooood note, we made it thru the ice storm today without losing power! Yippeeeeee! We are all a lil stir crazy but that soon will be cured once we can get outside again!