28 March 2007

Sneaky Peek at my upcoming class....

Just a smidge of what will be covered at The Scrapbook Site for my new cyber class about scrapping with paint!! I am soo excited that they are all excited to learn a lil more from what I know and how I love and use paint!!

22 March 2007

a Clean scrap space feels sooo

REFRESHING!!! I spent over three hours yesterday purging and organizing, sorting and cutting up, throwing away and stashing, and most importantly taking inventory. Who woulda thought that one person could get soo much into one little space? I am not lucky enuff yet to have my own room, but one day....one day.....! Been taking shelves from other parts of the house that are not being used and adding them to my space to make for more storage...now I am going to alter them just a bit and make them creative and fun!!

Did get to spend some time outside with the kids yesterday and we went for a very long walk....had to give up pushing the double stroller to Jason...the girls seem to have gotten a lot bigger since last year or I am just that out of shape now...he he he he! Still trying to master the Rebel picture taking outside but I will get lots of practice soon....as long as this weather keeps cooperating!

20 March 2007


Now I want to go and buy more canvases to play with! This was a truly enlightening creative experience~

19 March 2007

One more to go....

And all the kiddies canvases will be complete!!

18 March 2007

I ~Heart~ the canvas...

This could very well be addicting...here is my first...very simple but very fun to create the 3-d with no worries of it being smooshed!!

16 March 2007

First time playin...

with all the goodies I bought OVER TWO WEEKS AGO!! Can you believe I let them sit that long?? Finished up all my deadlines and got to dig into my new stash! Now ain't she the cutest thing you eva saw???
Soooo ready for SPRING now that the camper is sitting in our driveway....teasing us all day long....."Let's go camping.....take me to the Lake". Taunting us! I sure can't wait to get Kamy out there...first real experience for her camping and walking at the same time since last year she was still crawling. Will I be able to keep up??? We will soon find out!!

12 March 2007

Getting nicer everyday

And I have never been happier to see warmer weather....I am sooo feeling the spring fever...now to start cleaning the house (NOT!) That would cut into scrappy time....he he he he...and my new found love for trying to perfect my skills of outdoor photography....but I know that this willl certainly take some time....here are a few to share with you...

And can you really believe that my oldest is EIGHT YEARS OLD?? Seems like just last year we bourght our lil monkey baby home with all that black fuzzy hair and he was soo snuggly...guess you gotta let go someday, right?? He took three of his buddies to Planet X and did what boys do best...ran around like mad men and spent lotsa money...but boy did they have a goooood time!!

My creating process has not slowed down in the least and I love that my mojo is here to stay....posting some layouts and cards that I did for my dt gig at Scrap n Circle! LOVE YA JERI!!!

09 March 2007

Creating machine....

With The Scrapbook Site's kit...yuuuuummmmmy We R Memory Keepers....and I still have a ton of stuff left to play with....will post some more later!!

07 March 2007

KI MEMORIES Blog Challenge

So I just could not resist the KI Memories blog challenge to make a mini book using all KI stuff....challenge is from Elsie.....Thanks sooo much for the inspiration...I looove my lil album and so does my four year old, Averee...she has been sitting looking at it forever!!