30 November 2006

AEzine Challenge:Try on Style!

Just had to do this challenge from the most talented Ali Edwards' newsletter. I often find myself looking to others for inspirations, be it the way that they use buttons, the font on their title, down to the color of their patterned paper. Well for this one I decided to go for the whole "random" border look by cutting up different size squares of pp and aligning them all around my 8 1/2 x 11 layout. Well as you can notice the total randomness I was not feeling so I decided to align my squares more and then sew a border right through it. Now this worked for me! I just fell in love with the way it turned out and I am sooo ready to try this sense of style again.

Guess I should tell you where I got the idea...my Elsie idea book...not sure if I can scan pages of it and upload so I will just trust that you understand where I was going with it!!

Thanks to Ali for keeping those ever inspiring ezines flowing in my inbox every week! They are truly exciting and inspiring to read!!!

27 November 2006

my MoJo is out of ConTRoL!

And I love it...got three layouts done today...here are two...one I can only share here so I just had to cuz I love it soo!!

It'S OveR!

Back to the normal routine....back to work and back to school...and I don't think I could be any happier...LOL! such a fun weekend to not have to do anything pre planned for fjour days. Black Friday was a blast with Averee! Best Buy was out of control and it's a good thing that I did not need to get anything there! Averee did soo well and stayed up nonstop from 4am till about 12:30 without one complaint! She was such a trooper!

Had late Thanksgiving dinner at my mother's house Sunday and got some good pics to share of the fam and the kiddies!!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you friends that have taken the time to comment on my blog! I love you all!!!

22 November 2006

i Can't Believe...

That i am bloggin in the morning...
my days just get soo busy
and my baby has this aversion to me even looking at the computer
so it isbetter if i do it right now....
been dabbling a lil bit i nthe art journal thing
trying to make an inspiration album for
when my mojo gets up and leaves me
as it often does...
i drew and drew last night for about 1 1/2 hours
just watching televison and
it was soooooo relaxing!
Trying out some new photo software to see which one I want to purchase for Christmas
Picture posted here is the result of me playing around!!


21 November 2006

aLL for NaUgHt??

I am incredibly bummed out!
did not make the next round over at scraplove.com
Love that board tho and will be sticking around for the duration
Girls are soo chatty and nice!
There is a chance for voted players to get back on the team,
but do I dare??
I am soooo ready for four days off and not having to watch anyone's kids but my own for that whole four days! I am in dire need of a large shopping trip soon....TWO MORE DAYS TILL BLACK FRIDAY LADIES!!!

15 November 2006

That's a LOT of projects for one week!

Talk about overwhelming! what did I get myself into??? LOL...no really.....I work sooo much better and more efficiently under pressure! I loooooove it! Finished my lo for Week 6 challenge at Scraplove.com. Loooovin the results. Had to use a phrase that we are known for...and of course I am constantly telling my son to stop something that he is doing...he is a boy...he is crazy!
Thanksgiving is right around the corner and so is Black Friday! Taking Averee this year will certainly be an adventure but it is a tradition that I can't wait to get started with my girls!!

12 November 2006

Another weekend...Another Project!

Been trying my hand at the MiNi AlBuM from JunKitz I got from thescrapbooksite.com...
My total fave place for KiTs!!!!
Having soooo much fun doing this one all about my baby walking!
I really can't believe how fast she is growing....and now how fast she is moving!
Will try to post the final results! I am pretty pleased so far!
Going to bed now will be a chore...all revved up and ready to keep scrapping
away the nite but duty will call with three children way too early in the am!!

06 November 2006

WeEk #5 AnD I'm sTiLL iN iT!

Week #5 challenge and I completed it already....
Scraplove.com So You Think You Can Scrap contest is rawkin my world....
Like I have said before.....hate unfinished scrappy business...
Had to do this cd cover inspired challenge immediately....
Loooove the "ad inspirations" and what it produces.....
See if you feel the same.....

05 November 2006

almOsT the WoRsT WeEkEnD EvEr!

Started getting sick on friday....
Right when my two friends were coming over to scrap.....
Lost motivation and was very ill.....
got nothing done...
spent all of Saturday in bed....
went to bed EaRlY...
And I feel like a million bucks but know that I should take it easy!
I hate being sick.
Mothers do have the right to get sick!
bTW....posting my week #4 challenge from contest at
Lovin that site....loooovin the contest!
Prayin that I make it all the way!
Would be totally honored to be a part of their team!!