28 December 2008

January Sneak Peeks

of the Jenni Bowlin kits!! Oh yes I have my hands on the kits and add ons and project kit and I am utterly thrilled with all the little details!

But for now just some sneaky peeks...
I am in LOVE with the colors!

And here's a sneak peek of my first creation ;-) I am positive I will have NO problem using it ALL!

I am breathing a sigh of relief. The Christmas holiday has passed, the children are happy, and my tree is down and so are all the decorations...BRING ON 2009. I am not soo much for making New Year's resolutions because that just sets me up for failure most times. How bout making some 'goals' for youself? Or call them aspirations, desires, wants, needs, just leave out the word RESOLUTION and see if that works for you! I have a lot of desires and goals for the new year, how bout you?

22 December 2008

no time to create...

for me that is! Averee made this darling gingerbread house and was kind enough to share it with the rest of the family. It lasted oooooh I would venture to say, an hour tops!

just lots of photos and the start of our usual marathon of Christmas's at different houses! LET THE SPOILING OF THE CHILDREN BEGIN!!

18 December 2008

Wanna Chat with Jenni Bowlin??

Come on over to TREASURED SCRAPBOOKING tonight at 8pm EST and participate in live chat with the one and only JENNI BOWLIN!!

Hope to see you there!!

Meanwhile I am sitting at home waiting for the snow and ice to start. Yippee!!! Supposed to be a doozy of a storm and hoping we come out of it unscathed and WITH POWER! ;-)

14 December 2008

Jenni Bowlin's December Reveal!

I created soo much with the kits this month. And actually still have some goodies left to play with. I will just getright down to the sharing...

If you would like to read any tips and techniques I used to make any of these creations, just visit THE JENNI BOWLIN WEBSITE and I have written little summaries on each one.

I have been chatting lots this weekend with the girls over at Treasured Scrapbooking and trying to participate in their Holiday Cheer crop and I did manage to get one challenge done so far!

Hoping to get more done as Sunday goes by, but we will see how the day goes by.

09 December 2008

Programs and Sneak Peeks!

We had Averee's Christmas program last night and she was very excited bouncing on her feet and dancing during the whole program. Thought I would share some photos...

I need to find some more time to work on my December kit from Jenni Bowlin today! Since it is a snow day for the school kids, they are all being suprisingly GOOD and I should get to creating! Here are a few sneak peeks of what I have already been making! ;-)

I have barely even made a DENT into what I have to create with and I can't wait to do some more!


04 December 2008

Another add to the Etsy...

I have been wanting to try the upcycled albums for some time now and I finally just did it! I made some different albums out of vintage book pages and book covers and they are in my etsy store.


Stop by and tell me whatcha think!!

Tis the season to be busy and to have lots of cold and snow here! We just finished with a snowstorm with two more on the way! Ooooh yeah (not!!)!

And tis the season to be nice, right??? Well it is a rarity that I can get my two older children to sit together for a picture and not have them gouging each others' eyes out. I managed to get ONE picture that they look soo happy and soo sweet and innocent. (Don't let em fool ya!!!)

I received my December kits from Jenni Bowlin and I am soo anxious about getting started creating! I have some fabulous ideas spinning in my head! Here's a pic of the paper crafting kit, and then a picture of what Jenni Bowlin did with the project kit...OOOOOH LOVELY!!

Each Papercrafting Kit includes:

- 3 pieces of Bazzill cardstock in Kraft, White and Ebony Swiss Dot
- 1 sheet of Cream Glitter Cardstock from Creative Imaginations
- 1 sheet of Die Cut Paper from Creative Imaginations
- 1 sheet of Alabaster Engraved Paper from Chatterbox
- 3 sheets of Kraft Pattern Paper from Making Memories
- 1 sheet of Die Cut paper from Making Memories
- 1 Transparency from Prima
- 1 sheet from an antique Ledger (sent folded)
- 1 package of Pink Paislee Rub-Ons
- 1 12” ticket strip from Creative Imaginations
- 1 package of black Tiny Alpha Stickers from Making Memories
- 1 Chatterbox Ornate Chipboard Frame (style and size will vary slightly)
- 1 Journaling Card from My Minds Eye
- 1 exclusive JBS reproduction photo card
- 1 pillow box filled with the following:
o Several clear buttons from Creative Imaginations
o Several brads from 7gypsies
o A spoonful of extra fine white German Glass Glitter
o Several fancy white flowers from Prima

Each Project Kit contains enough of the following to make one 2009 calendar as shown:

- 1 JBS 2009 Die Cut Calendar Card Set
- 4-5 reproduction red velvet Millinery Flowers
- Several red crystals
- 1 piece of gold German Foil Border Trim
- 2 red binding rings
- 1 small piece of old ledger paper
- 1 vintage receipt blank
- 1 approx. 12” piece of black ruffled crepe paper trim from Birds of a Feather.etsy
- 6 JBS Red/Black Line Extension Pattern Papers (for use on inside pages)

30 November 2008

a tree that has GONE GREEN!

I saw this idea to make a christmas tree from NEWSPAPER of all things and it is very eco friendly! It's on the Martha Stewart website if you want to go and snoop about how to make it ;-)

The snow here in Iowa is officially making its' presence known at the moment! We have our FIRST official accumulating snow and it's starting to make a mess of things and delaying some schools for tomorrow already. We did take the kids outside for a bit today to make a snowman and galavant in the white stuff. Only got two pictures because it was snowing a very wet snow and water is NOT my camera's best friend.

Of course my son was far too busy running amuck around the garage and the house trying to pelt his father withsnoballs so I missed out on photographing him. :-(

Thanksgiving is over and we still have leftovers chanting my name from the fridge...maybe a turkey casserole??

I did manage to make it through Black Friday shopping with all limbs still attached and I am almost done with the girls' presents!! after that insane day, we decided to put up our new tree! Had to get a replacement tree because the flood ruined ALL OF MY DECORATIONS including the handmade ones from the kids. that's what really breaks my heart...they're not replaceable. A tree is.... But we are moving foward and I can't wait for them to fill the new tree up with their creations!


25 November 2008

Gift tags!!

Who doesn't need gift tags for the upcoming holiday season, right? And how cool to have handmade??


I just can't stop creating holiday goodies it seems these days and I have built up quite the stash! I hope you enjoy!!

24 November 2008


Been using my Bind it all relentlessly and this is my fave mini so far! LOTS of different Jenni Bowlin products used here!

21 November 2008


I am continuing to add to my etsy store because I soooo have the holiday bug! It is literally killin me to not put up the xmas decor in the house. Tradition around here is to put goodies up the Saturday after Thanksgiving but I just might have to break that tradition and do it this weekend!

so if you would like to see my new etsy goodies, go ahead and take a peek-see!!


Keep on the lookout for more vintage Christmas goodies!!! ;-)

18 November 2008


That's what I am feeling right now....joy, elation, feeling like the luckiest scrappy girl in the world right now. It's OFFICIAL OFFICIAL....



I am a happy happy girl!

And since my other countdown book on etsy sold already, I whipped up another one becuase I am in love with the whole concept of doumenting the days before my favorite holiday and would like you to enjoy it too!


17 November 2008

Bad Girls Christmas Workshops ~FREE~

Bad Girls Kits are having a free Christmas workshop! Hope you can join in and make some FABULOUS creations! Here's the info:
All of these festivities will begin on NOVEMBER 14th and continue through NOVEMBER 23rd!!!!
And it doesn't stop there....we are going to BRING IT with LOTS of PRIZES.....not only BAD GIRLS GIFT CERTIFICATES, but also...lots of JAM PACKED SCRAPPY PACKAGES bursting at the seams!!!!

So....what else do we have for you??? Some very special GUEST DESIGNERS, and they are going to WOW you....GUARANTEED!

We also have lots of CHALLENGES to get you started with a BANG!!! Be forewarned girls...this is NOT a WORKSHOP for the faint at heart...we are going to get your pulse pumping and your heart pitter pattering!!!!

Here's where you will find the workshop!!