26 July 2006

I made it through the weekend!

Well my baby is now one year old and we actually made it thru the weekend with no major meltdowns for me! Phew....now if I can just hold it together when odd goes to preschool.....busy busy around here....have Lance Armstrong coming to town tomorrow to our town for ragbrai....and another 30,000 people.....this town is tooo small for that! We are only a mere 2500 in population!!! It will be complete chaos, but hopefully I can get some good pictures of him! Have not had time to be real creative with the birthday and all...but will be busy soon!

Oh yea.....signed up on http://http://fortheloveofeffers.blogspot.com/ . They are having a contest in August on Fridays and boy am I excited...they will be getting rid of ppl every week and whittling it down to the final girl....ugh....lots of pressure but I just have to participate!!! It's freestyle for goodness sake!!

20 July 2006

She's almost one...why am I soo sad???

I just can't believe that my baby is almost one...seems like just last week I was complaining that my feet hurt and they were soo swollen...where does the time go??? This is my last baby so all we have left is to go foward and they will all get older......as well as me!!! Nothing really exciting otherwise except for working on a lot of altered things lately...searching around the house to find something to paint, sand, modge podge....whatever strikes the mood...my latest creation for a website that I had to use yellow and orange as the dominant colors.....enjoy your weekend!!!

14 July 2006

Is this heat gonna kill us??

I am pretty sad....its going to be sooooo darn hot this weekend and we aren't able to go camping...thats alright cuz next weekend we are having a party for my baby cuz she will be ONE YEAR OLD!!!!
I am feeling really old...she is growing waaay too fast....where did the time go??? I ahve not a clue!
She is such an animated little one! Gotta love that hairdo!!

12 July 2006

My vacation is over and I am back to reality for the third day....what a shocker! Hubby is gone for three days for work and girls and I are here enjoying the peace of no boys....son went to Maga and Pappa's last nite....

Think that I have hit something with these flowers that I am altering...going to try to mass produce them and see what I can come up...I will post some up later after I find out what everyone thinks.....I am pretty excited but I just don't know if they will catch on, KWIM????

Can you believe in about two weeks, my baby will be ONE YEAR OLD?????

07 July 2006

It's been awhile...

Well it's been awhile since I have blogged....and man has it been busy around here. Got my three layouts done for my new design team and of all the message boards that I am on, I have made layout of the day every day this week!!! Wahooooo! I am really starting to come into my freestyle and loving every single waking creating minute of it! 4th of July has now come and gone and my vacation is over in three days...UGH!!!! Back to reality! Attaching some of my newest creations for you to peruse!