30 April 2007

I have been tagged.....

by the lovely Jess....post 7 random things about me...this might bore you to sleep but here goes....

1. I am an avid collector of anything vintage...old suitcases, trunks, large furniture, desks, loooooove the thrill of a good find!

2. A dirty kitchen IS NOT my friend...if there is one thing in my house I clean three times a day, it is my kitchen sink....if I am very tired, I might let it go, but the next morning I am all over it.

3. I love to mow the lawn (I know...don't laugh) but it does give me some much needed exercise, I get to feel like I accomplished something and the statisfaction of a nicely mowed lawn is instant gratification.

4. I have learned to HATE grocery shopping...specially now that our family is upped its' numbers to five.
5. I am a self proclaimed pack rat. I will admit that I have a few totes full of just school papers from my sons first two years in school.

6. I have extremely long, strong nails. Never have to file them, do my cuticles or anything...they just grow grow grow.

7. I hate idle time and I work soo much better under pressure...If there were no deadlines, I would get nothing done.

So are you still here with me??? LOL! Had some serious fun this weekend garage saling with the girls,...got me some good finds and changed and altered them up to store my scrappy goodies....found this old glass canister thingy that was supposed to hold flour, sugar, things like that and just gave it a coat of paint, sanded it and now it houses all my pretty things. Gotta LOVE a great $1 find!! And some yummy yummy vintage fabric...whole box for just $1!!! And boy did I ever load up on the suitcases...my fave thing to get is the very old vintage hard back suitcases and stack them up about five or six high...I have 5 right by my scrappy area that houses all my felt, stuffings, quilt batting, and fabrics....works perfectly!! Have done a lot of creating lately too scrappy wise but all is for the upcoming newsletter for The Scrapbook Site...they will be out in May!!

Almost 90 degrees....

and I am officially giving in to my wimpiness and turning the air on....in APRIL! Nothing more aggravating or irritating than being too hot in your own house. Guess I will forever be spoiled by cool air!
Can NOT believe that tomorrow is the first of May....wow....where did April go?? Lots of time outside and lots of new good pics to post as soon as I get done editing them! Will bbl to post some kite flying and water hose action!!

27 April 2007

LiL book of TrickS

Have wanted to do one of these little insipration books for quite some time and I finally got up the nerve to cut up (yes I said cut up) my scrappy mags and use the examples and tips and put them in a lil book of tricks! Anything that I found appealing to the eye, techniques I want to try, sketches, whatever I find inspirational are in this book. So now when I am wandering aimlessy trying to find my mojo with no success, all I have to do is open this book and there it is!!

25 April 2007

Come on over and play!

Come on over and join us for some fun and challenges and games and chat!!


Will post some of my works in progress later!

23 April 2007

Event filled weekend...

Not all good either....Kamy has allergies...we have known that now for a while...she gets watery eyes, runny nose and sneezes bunches...nothing that ever needed medical attention or any sorts of meds. Well I think that is all about to change! Took her and the other kiddies out the the campground to visit friends that were camping. She played by the camper and all was well! she had a lil bit of watery eyes but not too bad. Kamy started to get restless so I decided to take her on a walk up to the restrooms. It was very very windy along the lake front and she was face first in the wind. By the time I got to the restrooms, her face was all botchy and her eyes were just pouring tears...of course I kinda freaked and rushed her back to where we were visiting. Just kept getting worse so I threw her in the truck and took her home to get her a dose of benadryl. Well on the nine mile trip home, her eyes swelled almost all the way shut and her lips were about four times the size that they are supposed to bed. Nothing else beyond the face...just the face! I dosed her up with benadryl and about one hour later she was starting to look better...no breathing problems tho thank goodness...got a pic of her about an hour after meds and mind you she did not cry the entire time this was happening so all that is tearing of her eyes! Needless to say she has an appt. with the doc to be referred to a specialist as soon as we can!

On a VERY POSITIVE NOTE...I am an aunt to a very special baby girl named Claire Elizabeth! Got to go and visitn the darling lil one last night and I could have stayed there and held her allllll night long! Got to feed her a lil and even got to change a diaper! She is perfect in every single way! CONGRATS RUSS AND KANDYCE!!!! I can't wait to spoil that baby to death and love her and hold her and teach her and dress her up and all that comes with being an auntie!! And her cousin Brayden is pretty darn proud of Claire as well. he had to take pictures to school today to show off his excitement!

20 April 2007

Just a quickie post...

Been busy here...creating.....being inspired....warmer weather on the way....just wanted to post to let you all know I am still here...will post more this weekend!

17 April 2007

More felt....oh my!!

I am having soo many ideas running thru my head with this felt...I never make a sketch, I just go with it and sew as I go...and I think I have really found another outlet! I hope that you all enjoy looking at my goodies as much as I enjoy creating them! Added a very very cutesy girly purse to my listing that you just gotta check out! My Etsy store is RIGHT HERE!!
Thankfully enuff my scrappy mojo has not stopped either...what a lucky feeling to be able to put a balance to both fetishes and still play outside all day with the children and end up sunburnt in April. I loooove it!! In a very happy place right now!
Hopefully some weekend soon I will not be around to post to my blog cuz we will be CAMPING!!! Last year at this time we had already been out and this year.....well not even close to thinking about it! This weekend is suppposed to be near 70 but rain chances...nothing worse that camping in the rain with three kids stuck in a trailer.......AAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Think we will skip this weekend! More time to scrap and sew!!
Of course I just cant go without posting some of my new fave pics of the week!! The pic with the dinos?? Whatever they are...my son wanted a "kool" pic of the McDonald's animals fighting....LOL!

15 April 2007


Love this Sassafrass...could create with it FOREVER! (ok maybe not forever but I do loooove it) Here is my latest....I hadn drew the frame around the pic and then painted it with red acrylic paint, used my white Sharpie marker and black pens and love the results! You can find this paper in a super fab kit over at The Scrapbook Site!

11 April 2007

Adding more to my Etsy Store!

Would looove it if you go and visit and tell your friends! Just listed a red Rock Star monster and working on a turtle and now at a request thinkin of a really silly monkey!!

Here is the link....

ThiS FeTisH with FeLT!

She's got Diva-tude....

And boy does she ever!!! Another creation from The Scrapbook Site's kit!

10 April 2007

The Scrapbook Site's May Kit is just......

DA BOMB!!! I am sooo in love with this Sassafrass...just thought I would share my first of many layouts created with this kit....yu can find the kit HERE.

Well on another note...4-6 inches of snow on the way...when will this torture ever end??? I am in such a funk with all this cold and windy weather...I think that I will be a totally new person with a new outlook on life in general once we can go outside without our parkas!!

09 April 2007

My *RV* ugly doll challenge!!!

This is my take on the Ugly doll challenge for the Red Velvet Art blog!! What a fun challenge to complete, not to mention the fact that my son loves the monster!! I have an obsession with felt and this was right up my alley! Hope he is scary enuff for you all! I think he is kinda cute with all his crookedness! You can CLICK ON THE PICTURE to get a close up of the detail of all his scariness!

08 April 2007


And now I sit here nervously wondering and waiting and thinking will anyone like me? Will anyone like what I make??? LOL! I started my own etsy store....go check it out if you like.......ThiS FeTisH with FeLT. Tell me what you think!!

Happy Easter!!!

Hope all of you are having a super fabulous day with family and friends! I know my kids have already had their ration of candy for the week but they still have tons left!
Lots going on here in the creating world for me. Just might be taking on a new and exciting endeavor soon....building up the courage to do so is another story. Posted some sneaky peeks of things to come! May just have to do two posts in one day after I finish some more goodies this afternoon during nap time....I am feeling the mojo baby!

06 April 2007

Where does the time go???

All I can do is just about cry when I look at how my girls are grwoing right in front of me....with my son, for some reason it is just easier to accept since he has been in school now for three years...but my girls??? LOL! Does anyone else have these problems?? I m loving the stage of age that they are both in...Kamy is still soo curious and everything is new...Averee is nurturing and helpful and still thinks Mom is the most beautiful woman on earth!! Thanks for letting me share my tears of joy with you all!

05 April 2007


Oh yeah...did I say Oh my gooooooodness?? There is some big, huge, exciting, thrilling news coming up for The Scrapbook Site and the month of May!! Stay tuned for some teasing and some SERIOUS EXCITEMENT!!!

03 April 2007

Donna Downey's From Trash To Treasure...

I am a receiver of Donna's monthly newsletter that is always filled with such inspiration but this last one just got me head over heals creating! The trash to treasure challenge was to use those subscription cards that come in all the mags (you know the ones tht fall out everytime in the aisle at Barnes and Noble when your are "just thumbin thru" the mags?) and put them to good use. For some reason when I read this, it immediately hit me what I to do with them....LOL! All I thought was cover with patterned paper, leave the name and addy lines open and use that as my journaling block and find a topic...well here is what i got!! Thanks Donna for inspiring this...I loooove it!
Tons of other great things scrappy wise planned for this week and the weekend...got my fab kit from The Scrapbook Site and it has taken every ounce of strenght I have not to just dive in and start creating when I am supposed to be making supper or doing laundry!! Speaking of laundry...bloggin here is not gettin it done, so I better git!!!

02 April 2007

I am overflowing...

Have soo much to write about! April is certainly going to be a busy month for me scrappy wise! Not that March was not filled with fun and excitement, but I think that I have found a different "me", creativity wise. I have come to terms with the fact that it is ok to not be symmetrical....that it is ok to use all different kinds of patterned paper...that sandpaper is my bestest friend...perfect looking layouts don't mean straight lines...what an invigorating feeling!! Lotsa pics to post and lotsa scrapping to do!
And of course I had to add some felt creations here...I succombed to the pressure of the lil dudes! Everyone makes such cute lil felt dudes, that I just had to try it! I havemade two so far and Kamy LOOOVES her froggy!!