29 October 2008

Jenni Bowlin Goodness....

nuff said. I have been creating like mad with some more of my prize winnings and can't keep my hands away! Enjoy!!

And I even created a layout using some of the Basic Grey goodies that Scrapbook Trends sent me for being pubbed. I never ever use BG and this layout turned out quite cute! Or is it just cuz I have the MOST ADORABLE girl in the whold world??

Will be posting some sneakie peaks in the next coupe days of my creations for my LAST month over at Treasured Scrapbooking. Sooo bittersweet but there is a reason that I'm not going for another term. Ya see, I have this lil gig going on starting in November.......
Yes I had to reread and retype that twice to make sure I said it right cuz I am STILL in shock. I am soo incredibly humbled and nonored to be working with my ALL TIME FAVORITE designer in this industry. I am the luckiest gal alive right now!!!
So keep your eyes peeld for LOTS OF NEWNESS coming from my blog!!!

26 October 2008


It can become quite addictive!! I should have heeded that warning from many a friend that kept talking about it...but I didn't and now I am loving reading ppl's pages, going online and seeing new photos of families that I don't get to see soo often and leaving comments on people's walls. My name is Michelle and I am officially addicted to facebook! I even tried making a badge today and I don't even know what they are used for! I tried to add it here on blogger but it's just not working!! waaah! And it's too late for me to think anymore!

We did get a showing on our house this weekend. Very short notice but I did manage to get the house cleaned and we scattered to other parts of Iowa County for an hour. I am praying to the Lord above that for some miraculous reason, whoever looked at the house wants to buy and pay cash and take possession immediately and we can move before any snow in Iowa flies. A girls' gotta dream!

I will be posting some more creations this week with all the new Jenni goodies I have been playing with! I am loving it! What I am NOT loving is that my computer has Vista on it and for some reason, my scanner and computer will not communicate so I have no way of actually stitching the layouts together. It is driving me COMPLETELY INSANE!!! It has been way too dark and dreary and cloudy and cold and windy for me to go outside and take pics of layouts, so I will have lots to show!

22 October 2008

I'm in HEAVEN!!!

Jenni Bowlin product heaven!!!!

I got my goodie box today from the first ever JB Design Team call and I am THRILLED BEYOND WORDS! I had to come back in and edit that I also receieved $500 for winning first prize! All that product got me soooo soooo giddy, the money was just the icing on the product cake! I am truly a devoted scrapper! With that said, I will just have to show pictures!

I'm sorry for such horrible pictures but it is super cloudy, dreary rainy today and no latural light at all. There's no way I could have waited to show off my little slice of heaven from Jenni!

20 October 2008

Beginning to feel a lot like Autumn...

finally! Even yesterday was a little toasty for my taste but it made for perfect pumpkin picking and hay rack riding weather! We visited our ocal Hillcrest Gardens yesterday to pick out the 'perfect' pumkins to carve for the season...

Kamy was more interested in the wagon that was being used to tote around the pumpkins, tho!

Tried to get some good shots of the kids together, but for anyone out there that has more than one child, you know the drill....near impossible to get them to all sit at the same time. Honestly, I like the candids better ;-)

Then it was back home to 'gut the punkins'!!

It was a very busy day, a very beautiful day, a very productive Sunday! All in all, I think the kids had a wonderful time carvin and getting messy! I will post some pictures of their creations with the pumkins in the coming days!

18 October 2008

Random Blatherings!

The fall weather is finally settling in and it makes me soo happy to feel the crisp chilly air in the morning. I am under no circumstances ready for the long and freezing Iowa winter months, tho. Let's not go too fast, K mother nature?

My October reveals for Treasured Scrapbooking are up now for their kits! I must say that this kit is the most vibrant and FUN loving kit I have created with. Normally I am NOT a vibrant-y color-y scrapper (if that even made any sense) but it all just came soo easy! Thanks Leslie for putting together such BEAUTIFUL kits and for loving and respecting your dt the way you do! I have never in all my scrappy years met someone just as nice and kind and loving and understanding and happy go luck and MODEST as Leslie is!!! I guess I am gettin all sentimental and sappy cuz I just received my last dt kit for November from Treasured Scrapbooking! Yes I know hard to believe but my term there is up in November. But the good news is that Leslie is having a new dt call!!! You can read all about that DT call and its' requirements RIGHT HERE! Lerslie is also conducting a call for cardmakers as well RIGHT HERE!!
Now for my creations with the October kit...

And the post here wouldn't be complete without some random snapshots of my children! Needless to say they are enjoying the leaves in the front yard IMMENSELY!

14 October 2008

I have nothing scrappy related to share cuz I have been working on getting my blog back up and running and I FOUND MY PLAYLIST! It's the little things in life that make me very happy!
And was surfing the web and came across these 'stickers' you make....now how fun is this? I need to play around a little more with them but we have quite the troop of peeps already!

Bear with me on the blog construction here...found a couple other different sites I might be fiddling with tonight so if my blog disappears into thin internet air, you know I really did something bad! Wish me luck!

13 October 2008

Messed it all up...

was tryiing to play around with the look of my blog and POOF....there goes all of my links, my playlist is gone, and so are my blinkies! So if you come by here in the next few days and dont recognize some things, be patient as I am trying to spruce things up a bit here and there!! Thanks!

08 October 2008

Yes, I already scrapped....

the devilish picture....LOL!! This layout is for Class #5 at Bad Girls Kits and I am actually happy to say that I am pleased with the results!

And today just happens to be my birthday! I am getting older but most days feeling very youthful and I thank God every day for that feeling! My kids help keep me busy and my passion for creating keeps me grounded. I know that this year in my life is going to bring soo much change and greatness and prosperity even in these times of a gloomy economy but I refuse to think of anything less!

06 October 2008

Posting with pictures....

since they tell the best stories, right? Had Creepy Camping this weekend and the kids had a blast....weather could have been a little warmer but we survived all the same!

My days are starting to calm down a little bit and I plan on taking full advantage of that and digging out my desk and getting back to the scrapping that I soo dearly miss!