29 April 2008


and I am officially OUTTA HERE!!! For the first time in my kids' entire life, I will be gone from them......yeah we're talkin nine years in the making here. I am sooo nervous and already having a hard time sleeping just thinking about it. NO ONE can take care of them like I do but their daddy will do PERFECTLY FINE and the kiddies will be alive and well when I return. I have soo much to do before getting on that plane that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. What to pack? What NOT to pack? Don't forget the camera battery charger...or the cell phone charger....what if I forget something major? What if I get lost at one of the airports? What if any of my planes are delayed?? I only have a few short days to spend with new friends in Florida and I want to make sure I take advantage of every relaxing moment! I just can't wait to put my feet in that warm sand and just sit and soak it all in. Relax and not hear the pitter patter or better yet the STOMP STOMP of all the feet in my house or the ongoing MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY can you get this? Mommy can you do this?? Mommy can I eat?? Mommy I dont wanna go to bed....all the fun that comes with kids! I am hoping and praying that I come back refreshed and with a new perspective on life in general and a little more patience would be nice as well. LOL!!
OK enough of the rambling on...what I wish for most is that the kids enjoy the daddy time and constant spoiling I am sure....and that I just put my fears to the wind and enjoy every minute of my first ever break away from being a mommy!!

Have totally not been scrapping hardly at all so really dont have much to share in that area. I am getting back in the groove but April has been extremely busy for me! I know one thing for sure....this Bo Bunny paper and its' color combo is sooooo lovely as are the pics of Averee!

23 April 2008


It could stay just like this forever and forever and I would be in heaven!! So this post is all about the outside pics!

Outside pics is allllll I got...cuz that's all we've been doing....playing outside every available moment! Feel like my back door is a revolving door with children in and out and in and out!! But I love it!! Winter go away and BRING ON THE WARM WEATHER!!

20 April 2008

What a FABULOUS weekend!

Saturday was the Mother/Daughter crop at my lss and I was delighted to take my lil five year old to her first ever all day crop! Lots of photos to share with you...

I think she enjoyed shopping for supplies just as much as I do! I know for sure she is a budding artist/scrapper! Just look at her creations!

she got soo many pages done! I spent soo much time just watching her that I only barely finished one page myself! I loved each and every single second of that day giving all of my attention to just one child and watching her thrive and learn in the scrapping process that I soo dearly love!!

All I gotta say is 12 MORE DAYS TILL FT LAUDERDALE!!!!! I have never ever in my life experienced such generosity from a person I have never met as I recently have from Alicia. This girl has no end to her kind heart, KICK A$# personality, love of scrapping, and sooo much more that I am sooo eager to learn about! I will soon be meeting her IN THE FLESH in 12 days along with three other of my bestest online friends from Scraplove.com! Suzanne (owner of Scraplove), Michele (a Mod at Scraplove), Coni (member from GERMANY), Alicia (my angel member!!), and my sis in law Joy, who is also a member at Scraplove are all going to be going out for an evening of dinner, chatting and maybe a drink or two! I am soooooo excited and soo nervous at the same time! I hope that we hit it off right away and have the time of our lives. I hope that they love and care for me as much in person as they do online, cuz these girls are the most supportive women ever! They have held my hand while watching my children grow, wiped my tears when I am down, and gave me praise in sooo many ways! I thank thank thank you all and I CANT WAIT to meet you!!!

18 April 2008


I know it's sooooo trashy and like I said before...It's literally like watching a train wreck...you shouldn't look but you HAVE TO!!


13 April 2008

Hello My name is Michelle....

and I am addicted to vintage! Just see for yourself....

And I can confidently say that I am loving the new Sassafrass Lass papers!

wanted to remind you that if you have not picked up your kit for the Mother's Day album that we will be making over at Scraplove, you better get there quick....as of now only FOUR KITS LEFT!! This class will be based on teaching more techniques than actually cutting and piecing the album together. It is going to be sooo fun and I really think you will become as addicted to distressing as I am!!

09 April 2008

The new CLASS KIT....

that I created will be available very very soon at Scraplove!
You can see all the pics HERE!
here's some of the album we will be creating...

This class will be a little different from the other online classes that I taught because this time we are going to focus more on techniques rather than step by step how to put your album together. This is going to be soo much fun!!
also including some not soo traditional scrappy supplies from my own stash for you to use...Hope you like....here's a lil teaser...

There is a very limited number of kits available so make sure to check back often to get yours!!

06 April 2008

Getting lots accomplished....

even tho my children seem to have an aversion to me scrapping this weekend. Everytime they see me sit down, they are ALL OVER ME and wanting favor after favor...but I did manage to get my accordian album done from the tutorial posted by Kate over at Scraplove.com!

Hosted an ad inspired challenge at Scraplove this weekend and created this layout about my son and his constant MOVING and grooving!!

Still creating more layouts cuz the crop is still going strong! Will try to post the rest of them tomorrow!

05 April 2008

Been a creating machine....

and I loooove what I got done! Was inspired by Donna Downey and made this mesh frame with one of my fave pics of my lil two year old....think I am going to make two more!

Teaching a Hambly mini album class this afternoon at Scraplove! I am soo excited to see what the lovelies create with their kits! Hoping to scrap the day away at the crop! Come over and join us for a spell if you have the chance!

03 April 2008

Come on over and join us....

Make sure to stop over at Scraplove.com this weekend for the April Spring Fling crop! Lots of games, challenges, chat, and classes will be offered! I am teaching two Hambly mini album classes, too so that will be a blast to see what each person creates.
I am incredibly honored to now be a part of the ever popular challenge blogs as a DT member! Go check out DREAMGIRLS and play along with us....definitely guaranteed to inspire you in more ways than one. This is the layout Icreated for this week's challenge...ain't she a sweety??

And just a sneaky peek of what I am creating for the crop this weekend...