28 September 2008

Run Run Run...

seems like the story of my life as of lately and this week brings more of the same! Monday, soccer, Tuesday, football, Wednesday, soccer, Thursday, football, Friday Creepy camping!

we just got home from a beautiful camping trip this weekend. The weather could not have been more perfect and the kids had a blast! Did not see much of the Bman as he made lots of new friends and was galavanting around the campgrounds playing football, dodgeball, and plain ole being a boy! Took 114 pictures of randomness so thought I would share some!

Was lucky enough to get my neice and nephew to stand still for a couple of photo ops while making laps around a tree...AINT THEY CUTE??

October is just right around the corner! I am amazed at how fast this school year is already going! Bman and Averee both missed school last week due to a flu bug. way too early for that to be happening but we are all on the road to recovery now thank goodness!

So as you can see I have literally had NOT TIME to scrap! I promise in the coming days there will be lots to see here with previews and reveals of my dt goodies!

21 September 2008

I guess I need to find a reason...

to blog more often. It has become whirlwind like here in the household of crazies and I have barely had time to scrap! What's this world coming to??

Here's a layout I did for week #2 over at Badgirls for the Top Designer contest....still waiting to see if I made it thru to the next round or not....WISH ME LUCK!

I am praying each day that more free time comes up for me to be creative, but it seems more than likely not. Kids are full swing into soccer and flag gootball and games start soon! I can't wait to see them!

just another random layout detailing my fears of losing my little one...she is growing too fast and it's tearin me apart inside. Felt kind of theraputic to do this...

Journaling reads:
i feel like she is slipping right through my fingers. I fear I am letting her grow too fast but still letting her be the 'baby'. I fear the day she doesn't want to snuggle with her momma and let me smother her with a million kisses and hugs. Let her be little for just a bit longer please!

And just a few of my fave shots from last week's Homecoming festivities!

As you can tell in this picture, the sibliing love was just a flowing!!! NOT!!

15 September 2008

Feeling more normal now...

and soo soo glad that the antibiotics worked and I can get back to feeling 100%!

My life right now is a whirlwind! For fear of jinxing myself at all, I have not mentioned it here, but we did put an offer down on a house, they accepted and now there is a FOR SALE sign in our front yard!! Yes we are trying to buy a new house! We weren't even in the market for a new house, but something came up and I got snoopy, fell in love with this house and now we are in full selling mode. I have been purging and cleaning and rearranging and everything to get this house in order. Talk about a long and tedious and tiring task at hand. Who knew five people could collect soo much JUNK over 9 years in one spot? I ugess in the long run it will pay off and it will be soo much easier to pack up and move if we do sell the house.
So most of my creativeness has been put on hold for a bit. With being sick and now cleaning, I just have not had much time to scrap and I am definitely itching to do so! I did move my scrap space from the dining room to MY OWN ROOM!! It is definitely a work in progress but coming along slowly but surely. Some pics of the disaster in progress...

I did manage to get my layout done in time for the Badgirlskits.com contest! The first class by Cari was all about layering.

I did make honor roll for the first week so on to week #2!

Woke up this morning to the announcement from my 9 year old that this week is Homecoming week which means they all dress up......CRAP!!! Today was Hillbilly Day so I had to scatter and pull something together in a matter of minutes. I htink they make quite dashing hillbilly's, dont you??

10 September 2008

I got the suds...

or at least that is what Spongebob wwould call it. It sucks and it's no fun and I hate it. Sinus infections are the WORST! Will be outta commission for the next couple days till the meds kick in....I hate this time of year!

02 September 2008

A couple more kits....

added to my etsy!
Wanna sneak?

You can find the kits RIGHT HERE!
I just have to say that right now I am busy busy busy with life in general and it may be a couple days before I get to my blog again to post....I am working on some more fun kits for Etsy and CLEANING LIKE MAD here at home!

See ya in a few!