31 August 2006

I lifted Elsie!!

Have her new book and I am finding myself just going crazy trying all this new stuff...just did one of the sketches in the book and kept it kinda simple cuz I am using it to be in the ezine for my DT...but I soooo love the results...hope you all do to. Such a creative time for me right now...I am just having such a hard time moving away from the scrapping table!!!

30 August 2006

Let's play catch up!!

I need to update more....
I need to pay closer attention....
I need to make sure I check my blog....
I need to add layouts to my blog....
I need to clean my house today....
I need to do laundry today.....
I need to pay some bills today....
I need to take the kids to the park today.....
I need to TAKE A BREAK TODAY!!!!!
Nah really...I have a to do list a mile long and just don't know where to start.....I am sooo bad at procrastinating and it is really getting in the way of my scrapping!! what is a girl to do?? Been reading tons and tons of blogs lately and just soo inspired by the ppl that are out there that go out of the box with the things they do and are not afraid to try anything just once...puts such a spin on the whole world of scrapping clean lines, now doesn't it????

Oh yeah...just wanted to mention that Basic Grey picked up THREE OF MY LAYOUTS!!! I am soo freakin excited...have submitted to them quite a few times to no avail....just had to toot my own horn for a bit!!

12 August 2006

This has been one crazy week!

Ok...so I am really bad at posting on my blog but with fil having heart troubles, the baby being sick, school starting soon...just need to find more time in the day if that is really possible.

I took the dive and entered the effers contest of dares and made it to the second round with the entry seen here. I am soooo excited...trying to work on my next dare of using 13 pictures and it is giving me fit after fit. I am going to start over of course.....AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHH!

My guest designer term for August has started now over at The scrapbook Star...such a rockin site and I love all the girlies there....go check it out!!

06 August 2006

Can anyone help me with a link?

I am wondering where I can link my layout to this blog when I am done...there is no comments on the blog that I read....can anyone help out? LOL...I feel silly but the comments icon went away!

04 August 2006

It just gets busier every day!

I am able now to officially announce that I am the Guest Designer for The Scrapbook Star for the month of August. They sent me an ultra kool kit and I made a gret layout of my baby girl in her tiara! Love that website!! It rocks!! Everything is starting to get really busy right now in the scrapping world. I have a lot to get caught up on and I am going for the effers dares in August.....but there are like 450 women in it and I probably don't stand a chance, but I have to have to try!!! Loving the idea of dares and of course love the idea of competition!!!

Can't wait to go shopping this weekend to get some school clothes for my three year old girl....LOVE THE DRESSES!!! She will of course go and help!