26 July 2006

I made it through the weekend!

Well my baby is now one year old and we actually made it thru the weekend with no major meltdowns for me! Phew....now if I can just hold it together when odd goes to preschool.....busy busy around here....have Lance Armstrong coming to town tomorrow to our town for ragbrai....and another 30,000 people.....this town is tooo small for that! We are only a mere 2500 in population!!! It will be complete chaos, but hopefully I can get some good pictures of him! Have not had time to be real creative with the birthday and all...but will be busy soon!

Oh yea.....signed up on http://http://fortheloveofeffers.blogspot.com/ . They are having a contest in August on Fridays and boy am I excited...they will be getting rid of ppl every week and whittling it down to the final girl....ugh....lots of pressure but I just have to participate!!! It's freestyle for goodness sake!!

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Kirstie said...

Beautiful LO! Glad to hear that this weekend went well...I know when my oldest turned 1 it was hard on me too.