04 August 2006

It just gets busier every day!

I am able now to officially announce that I am the Guest Designer for The Scrapbook Star for the month of August. They sent me an ultra kool kit and I made a gret layout of my baby girl in her tiara! Love that website!! It rocks!! Everything is starting to get really busy right now in the scrapping world. I have a lot to get caught up on and I am going for the effers dares in August.....but there are like 450 women in it and I probably don't stand a chance, but I have to have to try!!! Loving the idea of dares and of course love the idea of competition!!!

Can't wait to go shopping this weekend to get some school clothes for my three year old girl....LOVE THE DRESSES!!! She will of course go and help!

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Jen said...

I'm visiting from Elsie's blog...just wanted to say I LOVE THIS LAYOUT - it's so super cute!!!