24 October 2006

How could I foget to blog about this???

My online bestest friend Tracey reminded me that I have not yet tooted my own horn here!!! I got a lo picked up by BlueMedia for their new idea book!!! FIRST TIME BEING PUBLISHED and I am sooooo thrilled! Just thinking of that is getting me out of my funk I seem to be in lately! Book comes out in Spring 2007 and I can hardly wait!!!

this layout I did for a freestyle challenge at ScrapnCircle.com where I am DT coordinator....loving the look of the pics even tho none of the fam will ever look at me and smile at the same time....this shows truly what my fam is like!!

And most importantly today is Jason's 32nd birthday!!!! He is such a great dad and the kids worship the ground he walks upon!!


.jess. said...

stunning LO!! and congrats!!! :)

Tracey said...

Wooohooo on the BM pub! This is the first of many, I'm sure. I'm lovin' the black and red colour scheme of this LO. Very striking. Photos don't always have to be "perfect" to be great.