20 August 2007

I was a favorite....

on the One Little Word Blog challenge!!
I am soo flattered!
I looove the inspiration I get from them...
Look foward to every wednesday for a new word...
Here is the layout I submitted...

And the Journaling reads...

what is it that I seek?
financial stability?
freedom from guilt?
None of the above...
what I SEEK is peace and acceptance of myself,
loving who I am,
knowing what I want,
and never losing the desire to get where I want to be in life, to become a confident individual,
and lose all those silly insecurities that haunt me every single day.
I must seek courage.
I must seek self acceptance,
I must seek a stronger me, become a stronger me,
LIVE for me!
Pic Journaling:
I will never stop reaching for that ultimate "me"
I am strong.
I can be anything that I want.
I will find courage to conquer all my fears.
This is what I seek.


Jessica said...

I can see why it was a favorite, you did such a great job, totally heartfelt!

Kelly said...

Fabulous journaling; love the look of the writing on the paint

Conibaer said...

Awesome job!