30 November 2008

a tree that has GONE GREEN!

I saw this idea to make a christmas tree from NEWSPAPER of all things and it is very eco friendly! It's on the Martha Stewart website if you want to go and snoop about how to make it ;-)

The snow here in Iowa is officially making its' presence known at the moment! We have our FIRST official accumulating snow and it's starting to make a mess of things and delaying some schools for tomorrow already. We did take the kids outside for a bit today to make a snowman and galavant in the white stuff. Only got two pictures because it was snowing a very wet snow and water is NOT my camera's best friend.

Of course my son was far too busy running amuck around the garage and the house trying to pelt his father withsnoballs so I missed out on photographing him. :-(

Thanksgiving is over and we still have leftovers chanting my name from the fridge...maybe a turkey casserole??

I did manage to make it through Black Friday shopping with all limbs still attached and I am almost done with the girls' presents!! after that insane day, we decided to put up our new tree! Had to get a replacement tree because the flood ruined ALL OF MY DECORATIONS including the handmade ones from the kids. that's what really breaks my heart...they're not replaceable. A tree is.... But we are moving foward and I can't wait for them to fill the new tree up with their creations!



Danielle said...

Beautiful photos and that tree! Wow! Super cool idea!!

Melanie said...

love the pics of the girls in the snow.

doris said...

awesome tree! :D