20 April 2008

What a FABULOUS weekend!

Saturday was the Mother/Daughter crop at my lss and I was delighted to take my lil five year old to her first ever all day crop! Lots of photos to share with you...

I think she enjoyed shopping for supplies just as much as I do! I know for sure she is a budding artist/scrapper! Just look at her creations!

she got soo many pages done! I spent soo much time just watching her that I only barely finished one page myself! I loved each and every single second of that day giving all of my attention to just one child and watching her thrive and learn in the scrapping process that I soo dearly love!!

All I gotta say is 12 MORE DAYS TILL FT LAUDERDALE!!!!! I have never ever in my life experienced such generosity from a person I have never met as I recently have from Alicia. This girl has no end to her kind heart, KICK A$# personality, love of scrapping, and sooo much more that I am sooo eager to learn about! I will soon be meeting her IN THE FLESH in 12 days along with three other of my bestest online friends from Scraplove.com! Suzanne (owner of Scraplove), Michele (a Mod at Scraplove), Coni (member from GERMANY), Alicia (my angel member!!), and my sis in law Joy, who is also a member at Scraplove are all going to be going out for an evening of dinner, chatting and maybe a drink or two! I am soooooo excited and soo nervous at the same time! I hope that we hit it off right away and have the time of our lives. I hope that they love and care for me as much in person as they do online, cuz these girls are the most supportive women ever! They have held my hand while watching my children grow, wiped my tears when I am down, and gave me praise in sooo many ways! I thank thank thank you all and I CANT WAIT to meet you!!!


pepsigirl said...

What a precious memory with your dd! That is sooooo aWEsome of your lss to do a crop like that!!

Kelly said...

OMG I thought **I** was your BFF?!?! (insert 13yo voice there) HAHA! You deserve some relaxin' and maybe a lil boozin!

Michelle said...

love her layouts - she is talented!

I must have missed the post about FL - that is AWESOME that you guys are all meeting....green with envy!

Tracey said...

How wonderful for all of you to get to meet!!! ENJOY..I'm sure it will be a blast.

what a special day you had with Averee. She's a natural. :)