18 June 2008

Where do I start?

Been awhile since I blogged....sorry bout that!

We all just got home thisweekend from our mini vacations and a good time was had by all! Jason and Bman attended a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game and had the time of their lives!

I travelled 1290 miles ROUND TRIP to Tennessee this weekend to attend the First Annual Sisiversary scrapbooking event for Scrap in Style Tv. Soo overwhelmed with all the new faces to meet nd of course you know I am totally the shy type. I talked to soo many friendly faces and created a ton and RELAXED! I loved each and every minute of it and I am ready for Sisiversary 2009! For some ODD reason, I took no useable photos...just too busy soaking it all in and enjoying it all.

After all the flood waters have been receding, there is definitely a MESS left here in Iowa. My heart goes out to all the poor families that have lost their homes, including my brother in law.
And since those flood watersare going away here in Marengo, Bman got to play his VERY FIRST baseball game of the season! Usually the start the first week of june, but all have been canceleed so far because of rains and flooding. Soo happy to see him play and he did a stellar job of pitching!

I am in desperate need of taking photos of all the creations I made from Tennessee but that will have to come later....still soo way behind on the housework and laundry!

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