26 October 2008


It can become quite addictive!! I should have heeded that warning from many a friend that kept talking about it...but I didn't and now I am loving reading ppl's pages, going online and seeing new photos of families that I don't get to see soo often and leaving comments on people's walls. My name is Michelle and I am officially addicted to facebook! I even tried making a badge today and I don't even know what they are used for! I tried to add it here on blogger but it's just not working!! waaah! And it's too late for me to think anymore!

We did get a showing on our house this weekend. Very short notice but I did manage to get the house cleaned and we scattered to other parts of Iowa County for an hour. I am praying to the Lord above that for some miraculous reason, whoever looked at the house wants to buy and pay cash and take possession immediately and we can move before any snow in Iowa flies. A girls' gotta dream!

I will be posting some more creations this week with all the new Jenni goodies I have been playing with! I am loving it! What I am NOT loving is that my computer has Vista on it and for some reason, my scanner and computer will not communicate so I have no way of actually stitching the layouts together. It is driving me COMPLETELY INSANE!!! It has been way too dark and dreary and cloudy and cold and windy for me to go outside and take pics of layouts, so I will have lots to show!


JoEllyn said...

Yes, yes facebook is very addictive!!!! I almost IM'd you the other night, but figured we'd chat forEVER and I was about to go to bed...LOL

Kelly said...

HOLY CRAP- look at all the stuff I have missed- moving? contest wins?? I need to catch up!

melody said...

yep..that facebook can be REALLY addictive..that's why i got off it..lol
can't wait to see some more creations chickie..and some more pics

Melanie said...

Yep, FB is DANGEROUS. I don't even know what I am doing on there but can waste hours at a time. ha