10 June 2009

On the go, go GO

story of my life right now...not barely a moment to spare, ball games every night but Thursday (but on Thursday I work my part time job), the pool, and long long long walks through Gateway Park with five kids and a squirrely beagle :) Wouldn't trade it for the world! Some days I could do WITHOUT the rain and would LOVE to see temps above 80 degrees for a change. What I wouldn't do to watch a baseball game in shorts and a tee instead of wrapped in a blanket with long pants and a sweatshirt, tennies and no flip flops :( Warmer weather seems to be eluding us so far!

So there has been NOT HARDLY A CHANCE for me to create in the last week with all the activities for the kids. I miss that, I truly do. But I keep snapping lots of photos so that when I do finally get some time to create, I have lots of inspiration like this picture I can't wait to get printed out...


Shirley said...

Your weather sounds like ours! We've been stuck in the 60's and I'm so wanting HOT weather! Enjoy all the kiddos activities and keep snapping those photos!

timefortea said...

I am so hoping you have time to show us what you did with the Vintage Patriotic Crafting kit we got this month from Jenni. I always love your ideas.
Enjoy your kids first though!