21 November 2006

aLL for NaUgHt??

I am incredibly bummed out!
did not make the next round over at scraplove.com
Love that board tho and will be sticking around for the duration
Girls are soo chatty and nice!
There is a chance for voted players to get back on the team,
but do I dare??
I am soooo ready for four days off and not having to watch anyone's kids but my own for that whole four days! I am in dire need of a large shopping trip soon....TWO MORE DAYS TILL BLACK FRIDAY LADIES!!!


Kelly said...

AWWW! Sorry to hear you didn't make it to the next round :( You should definitely try to get back in it. This layout is fantastic!

.jess. said...

:( im sad that your not in the next round. i really enjoyed your work and i hope you try out for next week!!!

em said...

You SO did not deserve to be voted out. You are an amazing scrapper. I LOVE this layout!!!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

Denise Hughes said...

We have to get you back in girl!

Rebecca said...

You have to come play this week. This week's challenge sounds like fun!