22 December 2006

My 2006 Accomplishments!

DT member for Imagine, Create, Scrap, July 2006-present
DT member for 2nd term at Imagine, Create, Scrap!!!
DT coordinator for Scrapncircle.com!!!
GDT member for Susan's Scrapbook Shack, April, 2006
GDT member for Scrapbookstar.com, August 2006

Being published in spring 2007 idea book for Scrapbook Styles Defined
Being published in the 2007 Layout Blueprints 2 idea book by Bluemedia Publications

Those are the majors but there have been many other Minors that I have enjoyed throughout the year! But most of all...most important is the pure joy I have gotten out of creating all the wonderful layouts! And the friendships that I have gained on the message boards is just the bestest!!! I love my cyber friends and love to be inspired by them!!! Looking foward to a very prosperous 2007 in life, love, and scrapping!!

Now on with the personals....there is not much to tell except for CHRISTMAS IS ONLY THREE DAYS AWAY! I love to see the look on our kids' faces when they come down the stairs and see what Santa has left for them....love the feeling they have when we go visit all of our family and they 'know" that they will get to play all day long with no rushing!!! After all Christmas is all about the kids, right??? creating has come to an almost standstill here due to the reckless abandonment of my creativity! I stayed up waaaay late two nights ago to finish off the kids' teachers presents and I sure hope that they went over well!! Love to create for others!


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Denise Hughes said...

Great accomplishments Michelle! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Years!

Kelly said...

Those are some big accomplishments! Can't wait to see what you do in '07...Hope you had a great holiday, can't wait to see the pics :)

Kate said...

Whooaa! Michelle! That's quite a list of accomplishments girl!

Tracey said...

Kudos on a very successful 2006! Can't wait to see what 2007 holds for you. Happy New Year!