09 February 2007

Making a Creative Manifesto

I was soo incrediblely inspired by Ali's newsletter for making a creative manifesto for youself, that I just dove in head first and looooved every inspiring moment of it. Who woulda thunk I could find such relevance in definitons???? I decided to call my manifesto a TesTaMent instead of the traditional manifesto.....I know not why but it fits!! Here is my Testament!!!

My TesTaMeNT


I have found my calling in LIFE.......Creating in hopes of INSPIRING!

I want to help others realize their true POTENTIAL for creative success.

Creativity for me is a NATURAL PROCESS...going with what works for me DOES work for me!

Embrace yourself and your creative blessings.

enjoy the process...revel in the results.

Share enthusiasm for your passion and you will SHINE!!


monica said...

Awesome Testament Michelle! I loved Ali's ezine this week as well but haven't had a chance to get started. You've inspired me to keep thinking about it!

Paula said...

Vey inspiring. Great to see positive vibes coming out in these manifestos.