30 April 2007

I have been tagged.....

by the lovely Jess....post 7 random things about me...this might bore you to sleep but here goes....

1. I am an avid collector of anything vintage...old suitcases, trunks, large furniture, desks, loooooove the thrill of a good find!

2. A dirty kitchen IS NOT my friend...if there is one thing in my house I clean three times a day, it is my kitchen sink....if I am very tired, I might let it go, but the next morning I am all over it.

3. I love to mow the lawn (I know...don't laugh) but it does give me some much needed exercise, I get to feel like I accomplished something and the statisfaction of a nicely mowed lawn is instant gratification.

4. I have learned to HATE grocery shopping...specially now that our family is upped its' numbers to five.
5. I am a self proclaimed pack rat. I will admit that I have a few totes full of just school papers from my sons first two years in school.

6. I have extremely long, strong nails. Never have to file them, do my cuticles or anything...they just grow grow grow.

7. I hate idle time and I work soo much better under pressure...If there were no deadlines, I would get nothing done.

So are you still here with me??? LOL! Had some serious fun this weekend garage saling with the girls,...got me some good finds and changed and altered them up to store my scrappy goodies....found this old glass canister thingy that was supposed to hold flour, sugar, things like that and just gave it a coat of paint, sanded it and now it houses all my pretty things. Gotta LOVE a great $1 find!! And some yummy yummy vintage fabric...whole box for just $1!!! And boy did I ever load up on the suitcases...my fave thing to get is the very old vintage hard back suitcases and stack them up about five or six high...I have 5 right by my scrappy area that houses all my felt, stuffings, quilt batting, and fabrics....works perfectly!! Have done a lot of creating lately too scrappy wise but all is for the upcoming newsletter for The Scrapbook Site...they will be out in May!!

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