17 April 2007

More felt....oh my!!

I am having soo many ideas running thru my head with this felt...I never make a sketch, I just go with it and sew as I go...and I think I have really found another outlet! I hope that you all enjoy looking at my goodies as much as I enjoy creating them! Added a very very cutesy girly purse to my listing that you just gotta check out! My Etsy store is RIGHT HERE!!
Thankfully enuff my scrappy mojo has not stopped either...what a lucky feeling to be able to put a balance to both fetishes and still play outside all day with the children and end up sunburnt in April. I loooove it!! In a very happy place right now!
Hopefully some weekend soon I will not be around to post to my blog cuz we will be CAMPING!!! Last year at this time we had already been out and this year.....well not even close to thinking about it! This weekend is suppposed to be near 70 but rain chances...nothing worse that camping in the rain with three kids stuck in a trailer.......AAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! Think we will skip this weekend! More time to scrap and sew!!
Of course I just cant go without posting some of my new fave pics of the week!! The pic with the dinos?? Whatever they are...my son wanted a "kool" pic of the McDonald's animals fighting....LOL!


Michelle said...

cute pics - love your newest creation too!

scrappinhero said...

Silly girl they are called ROBO PETS!!!!!LOL You know I love you!!!!


AngelBear said...

Fun photos and I love your creations