05 August 2008

It's almost gone....

summer that is. We have a very limited amount of time left before our kids are nose deep in books and reading and friends and everyday school life. I seriously have a hard time fathoming where in the heck this summer went???? Really??? Seems like just last week they were anxiously awaiting the last day of school and camping. Instead we dealt with the flooding and the aftermath and the business and the camping and the birthdays and now the birth of a new family member, our new neice HANNAH!!

My kiddies are completely smitten with her and can't stop talking about how cute she is and how they can't wait till she comes home! Frankly, I can't wait either!
On the creating side of things, I have been busy! I just finished up altering a white plastic picket fence and 'girlied' it up!

Most of the goodies used you can find at SCRAPLOVE.COM'S store!
Also been experimenting and toying with a folded up book that I am using as my art journal. Truly therapy for me...it ws messy and fun and ewwwy gluey to create! I got the idea from a class that Gigi Kennedy was teaching in a scrappy event in Tennessee. This girl BLOWS MY MIND with her creativity!! I am nowhere near done, but here are some of the pics of what I have so far. I am just loving the whole process....

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Michelle said...

those are sweet pics....also love your projects - so very creative!