08 August 2008

There's never enough time in the day....

never ever. I can never get done what I want to get done in one day. Seems like this happens to me every single day. Maybe if I just take off the super speed shoes and relax once in awhile, and try not to worry that everything is not getting done, I will feel a lot better about it not getting done. I think I just lost myself in my own coversation.
Lots of different emotions and thoughts running thru my head this week and I must say they are all not good. Won't bore you with any details but let's just say this has not been a stellar week for me. Nuff said.
Officially now 12 more days till school starts. 12 more days before I bawl and whine and cry like a little baby when Averee goes to Kindergarten. I know for sure that even tho Bman says he doesn't want to go back to school, once he is there, it will be all good for him. Soo much to do before they go back, too...and next week starts bedtime routine....WISH ME LUCK ON THAT ONE.
Just one very PRECIOUS picture to share with you today...it's a pic of the new and up and coming KINDERGARTENER Averee!

I can't tell ya how much I am going to miss that face during the day, how much I will miss how she plays with her little sister and helps out in WHATEVER I want her to do. I can't even type anymore about it cuz it is making me all teary eyed.

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