28 September 2008

Run Run Run...

seems like the story of my life as of lately and this week brings more of the same! Monday, soccer, Tuesday, football, Wednesday, soccer, Thursday, football, Friday Creepy camping!

we just got home from a beautiful camping trip this weekend. The weather could not have been more perfect and the kids had a blast! Did not see much of the Bman as he made lots of new friends and was galavanting around the campgrounds playing football, dodgeball, and plain ole being a boy! Took 114 pictures of randomness so thought I would share some!

Was lucky enough to get my neice and nephew to stand still for a couple of photo ops while making laps around a tree...AINT THEY CUTE??

October is just right around the corner! I am amazed at how fast this school year is already going! Bman and Averee both missed school last week due to a flu bug. way too early for that to be happening but we are all on the road to recovery now thank goodness!

So as you can see I have literally had NOT TIME to scrap! I promise in the coming days there will be lots to see here with previews and reveals of my dt goodies!

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Pinky said...

Wow those are amazing shots I love them!