21 September 2008

I guess I need to find a reason...

to blog more often. It has become whirlwind like here in the household of crazies and I have barely had time to scrap! What's this world coming to??

Here's a layout I did for week #2 over at Badgirls for the Top Designer contest....still waiting to see if I made it thru to the next round or not....WISH ME LUCK!

I am praying each day that more free time comes up for me to be creative, but it seems more than likely not. Kids are full swing into soccer and flag gootball and games start soon! I can't wait to see them!

just another random layout detailing my fears of losing my little one...she is growing too fast and it's tearin me apart inside. Felt kind of theraputic to do this...

Journaling reads:
i feel like she is slipping right through my fingers. I fear I am letting her grow too fast but still letting her be the 'baby'. I fear the day she doesn't want to snuggle with her momma and let me smother her with a million kisses and hugs. Let her be little for just a bit longer please!

And just a few of my fave shots from last week's Homecoming festivities!

As you can tell in this picture, the sibliing love was just a flowing!!! NOT!!

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Shirley said...

Love your cute photos of the kiddos and he layout for Bad Girls is awesome! Good luck on moving on to the next round!