28 May 2009

How bout ONE MORE sneak peek??

I am soo excited about the reveal on June 1st! Lots of big changes coming JBS way!! The June kit is AMAZING!

My kiddies are officially on SUMMER BREAK!! I am actually feeling really relieved at this point to NOT have to drag them out of bed and push them toget dressed, eat a good breakfast, and out the door. As each year passes, they get older and that just means more and more things we can do together! I think that's what I am really excited for. Pools, long walks, playing at the park, story time at the library, we will stay busy if it kills me! The entire school every year does t shirt tye dye and the whole school wears the shirts on the last day....they looked quite dashing in their shirts I must say! The first picture is of my kids and the daycare clan all decked out in tye dye...

Brayden's solo picture was absolutely nutty since he had to be a goofball in it....so I am saving him the embarrasment and not posting it :)

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