07 July 2009

Added a couple

little mini albums to my etsy store! I decided that I have WAY TOO MUCH patterned paper in my stash that I will not let go unused so I am cranking out the minis to share! You can find them here at All Things Vintage!

Just one photo for the day....one photo that when I first looked at it after uploading, I was not impressed with. But the more I looked at it, the more the picture spoke to me. I added some edits and journaling in picnik and now it's my favorite photo of the week!

Ooooh and I got to see some of the new releases for JBS Mercantile.....WOWSA you are all going to be soo impressed and soo thrilled and want to have each and every piece available!! I am not even kidding! :) There should be some sneaky peeks late in the week so stay tuned!!

1 comment:

lisadickinson said...

oh that photo is gorgeous girl! just WOW!