16 January 2010

Random Blathering

I have not blogged in two weeks and feel I could cover a lot of ground, but would you really be interested in reading it all? doubt it....so I will summarize...

SNOW DAYS X 5 with no snow days built into the school schedule, we will be lucky to be out of school before the 4th of July ;)

THE FLU hit us all like a ton of bricks...first the wee one, I was up with her all night, and then it spiralled downward, we dropped like flies in this order, Kamy, Averee, ME, Brayden, Jason, and then Brayden again? (or was that just a ploy to miss another day of school??)

THE BIRTHDAY Today is Averee's birthday...she is a very glorious seven years old and acts the age of a much older, much more sophisticated 14 year old. I love that about her. She is laid back sometimes, way too loud other times, and just down right, undeniably irresistable. Due to above mentioned sicknesses, all parties are postponed til next weekend when we are all healthy and ready.

SEWING I have been doing some sort of sewing almost every day. To break up the day, to break up the monotony of no sun, to just play around and learn and love and create.

SCRAPBOOKING That has been a big part of the last week and I guarantee it would have played a bigger role, had we not all come down with the plague. JBS Mercantile Janury mid month release :) I give a little tutorial on how to create this on the JBS Inspirational Blog if you would like to see.

I am already working on a project for the JBS blog for February and boy am I in the festive Valentine spirit already! Want a little peek?

Most of what you see here so far is just fabric, but will be asdding lots of Jenni goodies to it to make it complete! Look for my project to be on the blog February

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