21 January 2010

Jenni Bowlin Studios Home decor anyone?

I will be the first to admit I am a chronic hoarder of anything butterflies and Jenni Bowlin Studios UNTIL I find the absolute perfect use for them. Well this week has been my week to conquer the mess of my daughters' room. My 7 yr old and 4 1/2 year old share a room and I swear that room fills up with more stuff than I even ever knew they had. So after some cleaning, more painting, dismantling of the baseball ceiling fan that had been in there previously from their brother occupying their room, I decided to 'alter' a ceiling fan for them :) I first painted the blades a shade of purple to match the colors of their room, then just used two different rub ons, alternating which blade they went on and came up with this...

My next little project was a brainstorm of just how I could get my girls to quit using packing tape to hang their artwork on their newly painted walls??? They both LOVE to draw, write, color, and paint and always want their artwork displayed so I came up with an idea of using a regular 1 by 4, adding some JBS Mercantile mini papers to it, then adhering some clothespins on it for hanging papers and now there is NO tape going up on their walls anymore :) Makes this momma very happy!

I definitely think the crappy Iowa winter weather is getting to me...cuz if I don't stay busy creating, sewing, altering, or painting, I just might go INSANE!! Next project...the girls art desk ;)

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Renee said...

LOVE this idea! (ok, both of them.)