19 January 2008

I wish I had better news...

about dh's job, but I dont...
we will be out of health insurance as of Feb. 1st
UGH! Trying to find quick health insurance
in 12 days and coming up with the fees to pay for that
in that short of time will be a miracle at best.
I want to strangle the ppl that did this to us.
But that will get me nowhere and anger is not
good for the soul. So I will just "talk big" here
and get it out of my system and move on to bigger
and better things.
No job leads as of yet...dh has been searching the
internet for hours and hours...nothing in state...
lots of opportunities in other states...Is
RELOCATION in our future??? I sure do hope not.

On a lighter note...some scrappiness I did till the wee
hours last night...what a feeling to scrap again!!
I looooove my passion!!
You can hop on over to SCRAPLOVE and pick up all the supplies you see in these two layouts! I was lucky enuff to get to play with the Love, Elsie goodies for the month of January!


china59 said...

Oh, that sucks ! I'm very sorry about this job situation ! I hope it turns out better soon !
Really pretty los. I can't believe you manage to scrap right "into the wee hours" !

Marfa said...

I understand how it can be stressful without health insurance, we pay out of pocket for everything. There are medical clinics run by the government that we go to... The private doctors offices were charging an arm and a leg. My husband used to be in the Army and everything was paid for...
I will say a prayer for you that everything goes smoothly.