16 January 2008

5 years ago today...

I was in labor delivering my first GIRL!
I feel blessed everyday that Averee has come into
our life....she is soo full of joy, spirit,
giggles, and her princess like quality
is absolutely adorable!
Happy 5th Birthday Averee!
We all love you so!!

And now on a sad note...
Jason's place of emplayment..
well they are bankrupt.
Closing their doors.
this is quite possibly the
scariest thing we have ever faced in our
entire lives. He is the money maker
in the family, the supporter, the back bone
and without him and his skills and his
paycheck, financially we are nothing.
Please pray for us that he QUICKLY
finds another job with no down time...
pray that they do not cancel our insurance
before he finds another job. I am
on the positive side of this HUGE
fence...I have to be positive and I will
continue to be positive as long as it takes.
I will tell you it is scary, it hurts, and
I worry each and every hour of each and
every day that he returns to work whether
or not he will have a job when he returns the
next day. It is all soo up in the air...
there is no guarantee right now
how long he will have his job, but he is surely
guaranteed that he is losing his job before May
and guaranteed that they STOLE his vacation
away from him....all 3 weeks...gone!!
We will stay positive!!

I just have to share one photo with you...
Kamy's latest mishap with the dining room
table leg...I think that the table won...


Lisa J. said...

Oh no Michelle! I bet you are terrified. I will pray for quick resolution to the employment concerns.

Tracey said...

What a week of ups and down.
Hang in there. things so have a way of working out for the better.

Happy birthday to Averee!!

Gigi said...

thinking of you sweetie :)
& sending tons of (((hugs)))

& hope you all had a fantastic time eating birthday cake!!!


Scrappedugnad said...

Oh Im so sorry to learn - *hugs* best of wishes for your family!!!

ania said...

Ops! Sorry! Was me, ania, who wrote as "scrappedugnad" lol...was logged as that one (a norwegian challengeblog that I'm a part of :p) and didnt notice :P

Pam said...

Wishing you and your family all the best- hope things turn out well for you!