02 January 2008

A day late...

and a dollar short...
story of my life...LOL!!


Lots of diferent hopes for the year
lots of goals for the year!
Lots of things to be accomplished
Lots of things to overcome
Lots to do
lots to see
Lots to love!
For now here are some sneaky peeks of my
latest fun stuffs...

I need to make clear that RED AND PINK
are definitely my colors for 2008...oh and add a
lil blue to that and I have true love!


Lisa said...

Those little peeks are sweet! and btw.. red is my favorite color :)

Kate said...

I love your peeks (always do!)! You have such a knack for cute stuff!

Happy New Year to you girl!

china59 said...

Owww this sewing work is to die for ! So cuuute !

Lisa J. said...

Those peeks look yummy. Love the little birdie and butterfly!

Sarah said...

such cuteness!!

scrappinNcolumbia said...

I love your peeks. They are just too cute.