01 December 2009

JBS Mercantile December Kit!!

I have two layouts up so far in the JBS Mercantile gallery for now and more to come on the 10th :) I havent even had time to touch the project kit but I know just what I want to do and can not wait to get started! You can find the JBS KITS on the
JBS Mercantile site!

Today all the kiddies were at school and I decided to try out making a crayon roll for my girls. Well I made two and I am going to make some more!! I am absolutely FED UP with the messes they make with their colors and markers and papers and I really really hope this helps in the process of staying a little more organized. Here is one of em...

These just might make perfect Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews :)


Donald said...

Hey Michelle... your designs are awesome and hope to try out some of your designs for this Christmas. Thanks for sharing your creativity here!


AlTeRiN fOoL said...

Gorgeous as usual! Looove the crayon roll clever girl!