12 December 2009

Snow and LOTS OF IT!!

Last week my little home and pretty much most of Iowa was SLAMMED with snow and blizzard conditions shutting down school for 3 /12 days and making us a prisoner in our own homes. NOTHING necessary got done, just a lot of me being activities coordinatore for all the kids here making sure they stayed out of mischief, which seems to happen when they get bored :) We actually got to play in the snow before the temps dropped to sub zero...

Of course I have no pics of my son playing in the snow because he was out galavanting with his frineds and sledding. :(
But then the HEAVY snow came, over a foot, and the near impossible to believe temperatures....YUCK! Three snow days and a late start later, i't getting a little warmer. I actually did get to take the girls out again today to frolick in the snow while the boys of the house were deer hunting and before the bone chilling cold comes again next week.

I am completely OVER winter and cold weather and it just started :) Now the next two nights we get freezing rain and a couple inches more of snow.....eeeeh just pile it on what we already have!

And now to share my JBS Mercantile mid month releases!

And I wish I could tell you what in the heck is up with my camera sometimes....it is putting a blue ish tint on some of the pics. I know I have the settings right? Any suggestions??


Star Rork said...

We missed the snow, just had rain & ice. Those are adorable pictures!

Danielle said...

gorgeous pics!!
check the white balance on your camera, if you put it in M mode, then hit the menu button (I have a Canon Rebel), then go over one and go down to white balance you can change it to daylight, or flourescent, etc. - whatever kind of light you have going on at that time. I change mine to flourescent when I take pics of my things down in my storage room and it helps a lot! But then I have to change it back when we go outside, etc. The bluish tint might mean it's set on the wrong white balance setting.