01 February 2010

JBS Mercantile February Creations and more...

First off two layouts from the JBS Mercantile February papercrafting kit....LOVE IT!

I absolutely love the fact that with the kit, you have soo much product that matches so well but still can pull off two totally different looking layouts. Much more to come from this kit with the mid month release on FEB 1OTH!

I have the pleasure of being the blogger for the JBS Inspirational blog coming up so I thought I would show you a sneak peek of something I have created ;)

In other news besides scrapbooking, I have decided to take on a very big task of bilding some furniture for the home :) I have really been insipred by some of the blogs I read and the women that are creating all of this GREAT furniture. I decided that after much searching onling and in magazines, a bunk bed for the girls is a necessity to give them more space in their room. Problem being all the beds I find online or in mags are WAY too pricey....well that lead me to try to build my own bunk beds for the girls! I started two days ago and was halted in construction today due to a nasty onset of a head cold, so no progress today. But I do have the head board and footboards built, just attaching some posts and headers and putting it all together, painting, and then I will be sure to post some pictures! wish me luck!!

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